back into violets:

BlondieJanJanuary 31, 2013

I am getting back into violets....this is from a leaf from my sister in law. I think it is very symmetrical. I have my violets under a 48 inch grow light. Enjoy reading the posts very much information!

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That looks like perfect symmetry to me. Wow! How many new violets have you collected since returning to this hobby?

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I started with 3 different leaves from a sister in law and friend last fall, rooted them in water on the kitchen shelf. Bought a vintage 24 inch grow light off ebay. A friend that is wintering in Arizona gave me two not blooming (she didn't have lights, and not very good window for them). My five plants quickly outgrew the 24 inch growlight, and I bought a 48 inch growlight from Park Seeds. Now I have a lot of miniatures that are starting to bloom after I got some leaves off a friend's violets that were dying because of root rot. So I have a total of 5 mature standard sized plants, common varieties, and 3 or 4 minis. I am thinking I'll set up the 24 inch grow light for the minis.

As all of you know, you get more than one plant from a mother leaf, so I have been giving extras to friends and relatives. I want to try some variegated plants, but won't order until spring. Our weather here in Michigan is horrible right now....19 degrees today, with below windchill temperatures.

My mother raised and sold violets back in the 50's. My father built her a multi tiered plant stand out of wood, with galvanized trays, and grow lights. She painted it light green. I think it had 3 shelves as I recall. So I know a little about violets from watching and helping her (I was a teenager). She finally got out of the business and sold everything to a local greenhouse. She then got into chickens and sold eggs.

I will be switching from the Miracle Gro potting soil as soon as I can find peat, perlite, and vermiculite. I remember my mom used that mixture for her violets and they did very well. She used to bake any soil that she used in the oven to sterilize it. I can still remember the smell! :-)

I am open to any advice and comments. Glad I signed up!

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Welcome to the forum! Your plant is very lovely and healthy looking. I know you will enjoy adding new plants to your collection. Violets can be addictive.
Just a note on Miracle Grow. Many growers use the African Violet mix by Miracle Grow with good results. Usually, extra perlite is added to lighten the mix. MG has an up & downside. It does contain fertilizer & that is a negative for those who prefer to add their own formula; on the other hand, it is PH balanced which is certainly advantageous.

Have fun!

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Thaks for the information....I do think I need to get some perlite! So far just using the Miracle Grow has been fine, but I water from the top sparingly. Might get too soggy if I water from the bottom....

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Wow ... that plant is gorgeous.

You have certainly gotten the knack from your mother.

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Yes, it has a very nice shape. The dark leaves are very nice with the blooms. Welcome back to violets and welcome to the forum!


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