Keeping semis in miniature pots

Patpat52January 31, 2013

In the 70's I was a violet fanatic,converting a bedroom into my garden room,rigging tables out of boards and concrete blocks(newly married and poor). I was gifted with old shop lights from a friends parents and I raised hundreds of violets before husband was transferred and I didn't have room in the new location. A few months ago I picked up an Optimara at Lowes and I seemed to have caught the fever again. Now we are retired and space is at a premium so I love all of the new miniatures and miniature trailers. All of that history to ask if anyone has been able to keep their semis in a miniature state by repotting into the same pot and removing out side leaves?I am really enjoying the all the information.

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A friend keeps hers small. Every 3 to 4 months she repots minis and 4 to 6 months the semi's. She always takes off all the lower leaves leaving only 3 rows of leaves. I have not tried that, it seems like taking too much off, but it works well for her.

It must be quite a surprise to find there are so many different varieties of violets now. I discovered the minis in 1999 and have been hooked since. I also love the trailing violets.


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Thanks Tish ! You are right, the number of available minis is amazing. I have ordered a couple of mini trailers that I should receive next week. I can't to see how they perform.

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