Plastic Baggie Intensive Care? (help)

lizfm(9)January 30, 2008

I had typed up a longer post but I guess it got lost. Oh Well.

In a moment of temporary insanity I rescued 5 AVs from what my husband called "the Death bin" at Home Depot (he looked at me and said, "if you don't take them, they're going to die" and I couldn't take the guilt).

Anyway, they have been watered and are now in Ziplock Intensive Care in the kitchen.

I've had AVs before (although not since moving to Phoenix) but I've never needed to put them in plastic bags. I know they need intensive care for a while but I don't want to over do it and have them rot.

Also, I don't know quite how to wean them off the baggies. I'm assuming it's a gradual process of opening the bags over a number of days? I don't want to shock them too much by putting them in the bag and taking them out again too quickly.

I know I'll have to have trays underneath for humidity. Any other tips for having them in a very arid environment?

On the plus side, they were looking better this morning.

Any helpful hints would be very much appreciated.

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"he looked at me and said, "if you don't take them, they're going to die" and I couldn't take the guilt"

All I know is... Hang on to that hubby!!

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Yeah, he's a sucker for plants and homeless kitties both.

Of course, he leaves all the work for me and later when we need to buy cat food or set up a watering system, then it was 'all my idea' and why did I do it??? ;o)

I have him figured out. The more I said, "why would I buy the nearly dead ones...these others are in much better shape" the more he insisted I get the ones from the death bin. He stopped fussing about the idea of buying AVs entirely and became the champion of the downtrodden ;o)

At least I'll get a refund (read: other AVs) if I lose any of these.

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Keep them in the bags for a few weeks and check them weekly to make sure they haven't dried out. After they start growing from the center open the bag for a week to let them get used to their new environment. Then take them out and enjoy them.
Fred in NJ

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I'm really surprised at how quickly they are perking back up. The potting mix on 3 of the 4 had totally pulled away from the side of the pot! Even the worst one is doing better now, firming back up, etc. and looking amazingly good, considering.

One little white one was still trying its best to bloom, bless its heart. I think that one will be a special favorite.

My guess is that they are recovering relatively quickly because, rather than having been damaged by neglect for a very long period of time, they were just extremely neglected (not watered) for a short period of time.

I'm anxious to get them to my office and get them under the flourescent (however you spell that) lights as soon as possible. Can't do that while they're bagged. I don't really have the facilities for them (no windows with good light and space that's cat-proof) at home.

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