How to cure leaf tip burn?

sarahrgJanuary 29, 2013

I posted in December because my violet's older leaves were turning yellow. People here said to fertilize it and this would green up the plant and start it flowering again. Unfortunately, I am at college and didn't have room to bring it on the bus home with me for Christmas break, so it spent about a month with a friend who had detailed instructions on how to water it and give it light. The issue is that the fertilizer I ordered hadn't come in yet, so it couldn't get fertilized over the month break.

To my dismay, when he gave it back, the yellowing had turned light brown. I figured it was just the product of lack of fertilizer for that month. The first time I watered it after I got it back, I used DynaGro Bloom because I heard it had great results with violets. Normally I water every 5-7 days depending on how long it takes the soil to get dry, and when I looked at it closely today while watering it for the second time since being back, the leaves have turned more severely brown and this includes the younger leaves as well! Is my violet doomed?

The included picture shows the whole plant, and this one shows the leaves closer up (you can see the younger leaves discoloration better).

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irina_co(z5 CO)

Sarah -

evidently the leaves that are damaged are not going to get better. So you can as well remove them. Your friend's conditions were probably not the best - too cold, not enough light or something.

But it is alive.

What I see is that the soil is probably the same it came from the store - and with time it gets very compacted. I would repot it - using the lighter mix - we were discussing using African Violet soil from the store splitting it with perlite approximately - 2 cups of soil to 1 cup of perlite or 3:1. You can use the same pot - if you wash it, you can remove a good part old soil - just hose it off. Put some kind of colander under it - so you won't plug the drain.

After repotting - keep it slightly on a dry side - and do not fertilize for a couple of months - the AV soil has some already.

Good Luck


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Then I would be cutting off all the leaves as they all have brown edges? I have noticed there's a healthy little sucker, maybe I should just repot it if all the leaves on the older violet are damaged.

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