Varigated AV problem

zzackey(8b GA)January 31, 2014

I only have one varigated flowering AV. It was healthy before it started to bloom. I had lots of brown spotted leaves. Are varigated ones weaker?

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Variegated plants are generally not as robust as non-variegated plants. The light color in their leaves is caused by a lack of chlorophyll so the plants generally do not grow and bloom as much as their green counterparts. (This is very much a generalization; a lot depends on many other factors).

That said, I don't think your leaf problem has anything to do with variegation. Do you have pictures? It would help a lot to be able to see the problem.


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zzackey(8b GA)

I think it is because it is in a cold north window. But the purple ones right next to it are ok.

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Z, Some variegated plants are very fussy. It doesn't take much to throw them off. Others are tougher. I have one with the same problem. Plants with variegation only on the leaf edges are sturdier than ones with overall variegation. You are not using water with chloramine, correct? Joanne

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Update, it prob'ly was the cold. I moved it away from the cold glass
. J

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