Powdery mildew-Fung Away?

flowergirl70ksJanuary 8, 2014

Where do I get Green Light Fung Away for african violets? All I can find is for grass in powder form or fruit tree spray. The FAC doesn't make it very clear.
Is there something else to use that is just as good?

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from their website:
Green Lightî products help homeowners create beautiful lawns and gardens while promoting growth and controlling unwanted insects, weeds and diseases.

For more information about Green Light products, e-mail us or call toll-free at 1-800-777-5702.

Hope this helps!

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For PM, I use small containers of sulfur in my trays. It works great for me! Plus, it's cheap and easy to find.


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Forty seven-Fung Away was discontinued in 2006. The number you gave for Scotts is no good. I think somebody needs to update the FAC's.
Whitelacy, could you elaborate a little more about using sulpher? I don't use trays. Is it in water or powder?

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Hi FG,
When I had a small outbreak of PM, I read on an older thread on this forum to brush milk on the leaves of plants. I did not try the milk remedy, as I was able to control the PM. I also read that PM is airborne, so perhaps spraying the air in the room with Lysol might help.

Someone else wrote about putting match sticks upside down in the soil for the sulphur content. But no one reported if that was effective.

Joannne 47

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I tried Lysol and it did not work for me. There is also the danger that the cool mist can spot leaves.

The sulfur is a powder that comes in a plastic container. I put mine in small pans and set it among my violets. If you are window-sill growing, just set a small amount next to your plants. It has no smell and isn't yucky-looking.

I was skeptical when I read about this, but it works great for me and I have LOTS of plants.


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Linda, would that be similar to the potassium-metabisulfate you'd use in wine making? I have some of that! With it, if you dissolve it in water, it releases sulfur fumes which disinfect the equipment and fruit... But I am not sure what it would do to the plants themselves... It should work for disinfecting pots and your growing area at least.


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All I can think about is how long you would have the sulfur smell in your house...


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Well, I have some powdered sulpher that I dust dahlia tubers with when I dig for storage in winter. I can certainly try that. I did spray some Lysol yesterday, and I have a fan running in the next room. Hopefully something will help. They are blooming so well now, I hate to lose all the bloom.

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It sounds like the same thing. I'd give it a try.


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shallons(Zone 8 OR)


Where did you get the sulfur powder to put among your plants?

I went to the local garden center today and could only find liquid. I put some in containers but likely it won't do much.

I've been using Chlorox spray and the plants are pretty happy about being treated but I did lose blossoms when broadcast spraying the shelves and had to wait for blooms again.

My PM was mild and I thought it was just a seasonal change event that I had licked but it continues here and there. I lost a couple of chimera blooms to it this week. Grrrr this is war!

Any help you can offer by way of resources or brands would be much appreciated.

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Is this powdery mildew?

This is my heaviest bloomer, towards the end of a blooming cycle. It always has this problem, but only when it blooms. Anything you can put on the blooms that wont damage them?

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@ Lauraeli: yes that looks like PM to me.

I've used a [80% water/ 10% bleach/ a drop of dish soap]
wrap the pot with saran wrap to hold in soil then dip only the plant and swirl it around [5min], then rinse [2min] & dry off afterwards. I read about this online and has worked for me with no visible damage to plant.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

flowers are ephemeral ... you can not save them ...anything put on them... will speed their demise ... cut them off and be done with them.. before it spreads ... and wait 6 weeks for the next batch ...

i dont see any PM on the plant... so i dont know why you would treat such ....

the base question is.. why only the flowers ...

do you mist you plants????

PM ... as a mildew .. thrive in dank.. dark nights .. and that is is why it is usually a hot summer night issue ...

how have you created such.. in the house???

answer that.. and you can probably avoid it ... and if you avoid it.. you wont have to cure it ....


ps: and one way to avoid it...is a small fan.. to increase air movement.. at night ... dry leaves.. dry flowers.. and air movement.. and ipso presto .. no mildew ...

Here is a link that might be useful: link

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From previous posts and my personal experience: A wonderful product for powdery mildew is Spectracide Immunox Multi-Purpose Fungicide spray concentrate. You can find it at big box stores. It cost around $20 and will last forever. You may also use it in your garden and is great for roses.
Mix 1 and 1/2 teaspoons to a quart of water. Once mixed - it still lasts a long time. I put it in a fine mist sprayer and spray upper and under leaves. It works like magic and seems to melt away powdery mildew. In the beginning you may have to use it once every 2 weeks, until it is under control, and then only as needed when and if it shows up again. It also doesn't harm blooms.I have found that immunox is a solid long lasting cure and easy to use. It has little odor and doesn't seem very toxic.
For mild cases, or prevention-create a dilute milk spray: milk to water, 1/9, or 1:5 this works but may not be long lasting. I have found that immunox is a solid long lasting cure and easy to use. It has little odor and doesn't seem very toxic. I also think the prepared diluted spray stays potent for a while.
Also, everyone who has had problems with powdery mildew, should have a fan blowing air in the direction of the plants 24/7 as an excellent preventative.

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shallons(Zone 8 OR)

Yesterday I found sulfur powder (Bonide brand) at a different garden store and have put some in containers on the shelves but will also look for Spectracide Immunox and use it topically as well.

I DO have a fan going 24/7 and our house temperatures are consistent day/night. This being winter, we have the house closed up and our thermostat does not have a "day / night" setting. The only time the heat goes up is if I'm cold and raise the temperature a few degrees but I turn it down when I leave or got to bed.

Now is a good time to address the PM because within a couple of weeks a solid 60% of my plants will be blooming and having that ick ruin the blossoms would really be upsetting.

I sure appreciate all your help and input - thanks Marty for the detailed information and application instructions. :)

It's like my blooming babies have an extended circle of aunties and uncles who dote on them from afar. Hee hee. The love of violets is a good thing and I'm glad to be among you all.

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Ken, if what I have is powdery mildew, it doesnt follow the rules you posted. I only get it on that plant, and only when it flowers. That is probably because it is a heavy bloomer, and the flowers completely engulf the top leaves of the plant. It does sometimes spread to those particular leaves in the center. I have a fan running in that room 24/7. And no, I dont mist my plants. I did notice it on my optimara little kunzite today, which is unusual. So it's obviously giving me more trouble as of late.

Also, thank you Marty, very helpful information :-)

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shallons(Zone 8 OR)

Marty - I read your post and tonight, without prejudice or favor, inoculated the whole herd with Spectracide. I'm holding my breath hoping that my mix was good and the treatment works. I found one spot of PM on a bloom and sprayed that directly (otherwise I avoided the blooms) thinking that it either gets treated or removed. Morning will tell.

I sure appreciate everyone's help and encouragement! :)

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shallons(Zone 8 OR)

So far so good - not a speck of PM anywhere since I sprayed with Spectracide. I did lose the bloom that got a facefull of fungicide but that's a small price to pay for shelves full of glossy leaves and sturdy stems. Thanks much everyone for your information!

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