african violet plantlet

immatater(5)January 19, 2008

My AV had taken a break from flowering. Now I notice it has a small plantlet growing from the side and new flower buds forming. I didn't realize that they did that... I though they only grew from cut leaves. Can I separate the plantlet now (it has 5 leaves, the largest of which are 1cm across) or should I wait for it to get bigger first?

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I'd wait till after the flowers were done giving me that dose of pretty eye candy, but that's just me :-)

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Congratulations, you are the proud parent of a sucker! Most violets will produce suckers, some more than others.

If you want to keep the mother plant in its best possible form, remove the sucker as soon as you see it. Suckers can cause the main plant to grow deformed just by trying to make a place for it. Suckers also drain energy from the mother plant.

If you want to have another plant of the mother plant, you can allow the sucker to grow until the leaves are about the size of a dime, and then remove it, and pot up as you would a leaf. Sometimes it is easier to remove if you take the whole plant out of the pot to see it better.


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erlyberd(Z5 CT)

How long has it been since you repotted the plant? If its not due then try and cut off the sucker put some rooting hormone on the very bottom place it in poting mix and bag it. After one month open bag a little at a time to let the plant get used to the drier air outside of the baggie.

Also, cut the flowers off.

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I agree with Barbara, remove the sucker ASAP so it doesn't ruin the symmetry of the original plant. Pot it up in a small container with your light soil mix and slip the entire thing into a zip lock bag. Don't put it in the sun, just a bright light or you will have cooked violet leaves which aren't a pretty sight. Check it weekly to make sure it doesn't dry out and soon you will have a clone of the original plant.
Fred in NJ

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The sucker seemed to be growing from one particular leaf at the bottom of the plant so I just removed the leaf and the sucker came right off with it. It all pulled off very easily! I put it into a separate pot to see if it will continue to grow. Here's hoping ;)

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