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guynvb(zone 8)January 30, 2008

I recently transplanted my AV in a AV self watering pot but the plant looks terrible. It's leaves are weepy and some are even turning black. I have used pots before and have another violet in the same pot. I have the water level in the pot where it should be - touching the bottom of the inner pot. I guess my question is does this plant sound under or over watered? If it is overwatered I can pull it out of the water for a bit until it looks better or if it's dry I can water it on the top until established. I would hate to see my AV die like this!

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I think you should remove any of the limp and dying leaves before you do anything else. Frequently AV's suffer when they are repotted and the roots are disturbed. I would empty the reservoir and bag the plant for a week or so to see if recovers.
Fred in NJ

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