Fredette's Pretty in Red

fantasiamm101January 18, 2011

Hi - I have this plant in my collection - but can't find a description on First Class. Does anyone have a description they could send to me?? I would really appreciate any info. I can get. Thanks! Connie

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irina_co(z5 CO)

Connie -

I cannot find even the mention of it. Can it be that you are the last who still has it - or there is a possibility of some kind of spelling error? Anyway - treat it really nicely - and post a pic some time. I think we can forward it to Barbara Elkin - the lady who maintains the list of most wanted and lost AVs in AVSA. And she probably remembers if there was such variety. Irene Fredette left us some wonderful varieties - and if we bring one back from obscurity - it will be grand!


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Some Fredette's weren't registered and there may not have been an official description.

I'm not familiar with Pretty in Red but Bloomlovers has another one on its site. I've been meaning to email Tina but the only info in the old AVSA magazines is in a couple of ads and it appears that they described it themselves since it's not the same description. There's no record of its registration or the name being reserved. I. Fredette doesn't offer it herself at that time.

Maybe this one is something similar? I'll watch for yours if I get around to sending this info (it's marked).

There are photos in the old magazines that are not in FC2 and I started listing them (didn't know what to do with the magazines!) It isn't among the ones I'd finished but I don't have a complete collection anyway.

Diana in PA

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