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fortyseven_gwJanuary 1, 2014

In reading older threads,
LLG hybrids seem to be vigorous, second to Optimaras. Just wondering if that is your experience.

The Russians are very strong, also. (However, they tend not to have symmetrical growing habits.)
Just wondering if that is an accurate observation.

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Interesting theory. I have not really noticed my LLG's being hardier. The only thing that I have noticed is that Ma's hybrids do not grow as stronger as my other plants which is what Irina also said about her experience with them.

From what I have read, the Russians were, and are, bred only for their flowers, not their foliage unlike others that are bred for both. This may explain why they sometimes look like they have been doing battle with themselves! Maybe Irina knows more about this. Irina...???

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irina_co(z5 CO)

You correct -the Russian AVs were never bred for symmetry. Even now the way how they judge their plants shows that the preference is given to plants with abundant and spectacular blooms. New Russian varieties bred with both American and Russian plants in their breeding programs seem to have improved foliage.

You can grow lots of LLG plants to be less leggy if you use 4 lights. I actually think that the best plants are already there - if you look at the plants that were bred in 60-80s - hybridizers of these times - Irene Fredette, Jesse Munk, Don Ness, Winston Smith, Max Maas, miniatures from Hortense Pittman - they are proved winners. I think we should all try to grow best vintage plants to have a golden standard to know how to evaluate the new ones.

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Wonderful advice and tips! Thanks! Joanne

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