Curled Leaves

DeLynn KreinbrookJanuary 25, 2010

I have a large collection of african violets in many stages. They have been healthy and I don't have much trouble growing them. Lately I have had two issues....

one is that the outside leaves of some of the plants are yellow? The inside leaves are as they should be. I have say 30 plants and only 4-5 are doing this....

The other thing is I have 4-5 that the leaves are healthy as they can be but they are turning a spoon? What could be causing this?

I sure would like to figure this out....thanks in advance for helping me with this.

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welcome to the forum :)

Two suggestions that I might contribute: the curling is probably searching for *more* light...even if they have done well for a long time, they may be trying to signal to you that they need a bit more right now. (I find that mine did this in January/Feb/March becasue of teh way the sun would come thru their window) Now that I have a light/plant stand, I control that to their advantage.

The yellowing is probably 'old age'...and indicating that the outer ring of leaves could be removed during a grooming session. Not only will that grooming session remove the yellow leaves but will help to stimulate new growth from the plant's crown.

I'm sure I'm forgetting something obvious...and that others here will comment too.

Hope you'll stick around and share. We love pictures!

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Welcome! Dora gave you great info about the most likely causes of your plants' issues.

Below is a link to a useful website for troubleshooting AV problems. It lists a few other causes of leaves curling up, such as potting soil pH problems, fertilizer deficiencies, and certain bugs. If light as Dora mentioned isn't the problem, maybe it's time to repot and fertilize?

One cause the site doesn't list is that certain varieties of African Violets actually have "spooned" leaves. You didn't mention whether your plants are named ones, but if they are, you could check and see if they are the types that naturally grow spooned leaves.

Good luck. Please let us know what develops with your plants.


Here is a link that might be useful: Dr. Optimara

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davemichigan(zone 6a (SE Michigan))

I have read that nutrient deficiency can caused "spooned leaves," as also mentioned by Donna.

While I haven't seen mine turning from regular leaves to spooned leaves, I have started some babies from a leave on vermiculite (which doesn't have nutrient). I didn't pot them up for a long time and didn't fertilize them, and I noticed that some of the leaves got very curled up.

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DeLynn Kreinbrook

Thanks for your warm welcome and great responses.....

I'm guessing the curling leaves might be due to light, because we haven't had a lot of sun here this winter. I fertilize quite reguraly so I don't think it is that.
The ones that are curling up are starters from other plants that aren't "curlers". :o) I'll be sure to check out that website..

I can take the yellow leaves off but they aren't old plants? Some of them are just starters....should I do that if they are that young? It's weird too, it's all these plants in one area of my shelves that I have them on.

Thanks for your help. I don't own a digital camera, but my DD does so maybe she'll let me borrow it to post some of the plants I have questions about.

I am looking forward to "digging" around here and getting some useful information.


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I agree that the yellowed leaves are old and should be removed. The fact that they are on small plants shouldn't stop you from doing it. Those leaves are sapping the strength from the rest of the plant so removing them should help. At the same time, if they develop a neck you might consider repotting them.
Fred in NJ

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