growing african violets care

hollysoasis(NJzone 6/7)January 27, 2014

I want to grow african violets like my grandmother did. I have the perfect place, in front of the window over the heat registers, on a long table. I purchased, a few at home depot and also bought african violet soil and a very light potting mix. All I remember about their care was, not to wet the leaves and she always added a drop of dish soap to the water, Can someone recomend a website for the care and planting of african violets?

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1. Here. (Check the FAQ and use the search tool for specific topics)
2. Rachel's Reflections
3. Your favourite search engine
4. Your local library

And if you are a social kind of person, visit the next meeting of your local African violet society.

Here is a link that might be useful: Rachel's reflections

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irina_co(z5 CO)

People before made their own soil instead of using the HD bagged one. I am not promoting using backyard loam, cow manure, sand and all other secret components of this old day soil - but it was much better for the plants then the stuff from HD. So - do not use it straight - add 1/3 of perlite. This soil is preloaded with fertilizer- so do not use any fertilizer for 2 months. It has the wetting agent already in a mix - so do not add dish soap - otherwise your soil will be way too wet.
Do not buy these heavy double ceramic pots - they are tricky. The regular plastic pots are better - and you can use mugs, cashepots to cover your plastic pots.

You can wet your plants - you can even bath your plants under lukewarm water and leach the soil - but you need to let them dry and blot most of the water with paper towel - before returning back to the window. otherwise the leaves go spotted - that's what your Grandmother prevented by not wetting the leaves - ugly spots.

After couple of month your AVs will utilize all the fertilizer - you need to get some for your plants - otherwise they won't bloom.

The main cause of AV death - is overwatering or inconsistent watering. Drought to drown is fatal. So - make sure that they never sit in the water in their saucers - splash the leftovers out 10-20 min after watering - and make sure that you know when to water them - lift them up - and if the pot is light - it is time. After some time - you will figure ot how often - may be every five days in summer - and 7 days in winter.

Just as Mz F said - read the books, work through the website - find the club or people who grow well in your town.

And in no time - it is not a rocket science - you will be growing AVs - your Grandmother would be proud to have.

Good Luck

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