Q for any of you hybridizers......

paul_(z5 MI)January 30, 2008

Well I am very familiar w/ the complexity involved in trying to determine what traits offspring will have. Simple dominance/recessiveness such as Mendel discovered in his pea experiments is often more the exception than the rule. A trait commonly has multiple genes which interact to determine how the trait will be expressed. However sometimes there are "trends" that seem to be followed. For example, w/ cattleya orchids, the color lavender seems to often be dominant -- even over other darker colors. So I'm curious what, if any trends may exist for AVs? For example:

Size-wise, if a mini is crossed with a standard, does the standard tend to dominate?

Color-wise, does dark flower color tend to dominate over a pale one?

Is there a particular color that tends to dominate over most others?

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We're learning a bit of hybridizing stuff in another A/V forum I'm on... One of our mods, Jana posted "Dominant & Recessive Traits by Dr. J Smith" Check it out
(You'll have to join the forum to see it, I think--but our forum is free to join and a lotta fun!)

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You can also post your question on the African violet forum here on Garden Web.

There is usually someone knowledgeable, and it's free to look at and lurk.

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Disregard that, I thought I was on the Maine forum.


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vall3fam(9 CentralCA)

If you google jeff smith african violets, you'll come up with a number of links to AV genetic traits. I've linked a good one here. Dr. Jeff Smith writes an article for the AVSA magazine in reference to hybridizing AV's and talks about the genetics.

Hope this helps,

Here is a link that might be useful: Jeff Smith Link

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paul_(z5 MI)

Thanks folks! Checked out the "Jeff Smith" link -- that was very cool! Just the type of stuff I was looking for. Some of the traits that turned out to be dominant or recessive rather suprised me -- I guess because of the only AV's I usually see. [For instance I don't commonly see the "Fantasy" types & so would have assumed that trait to be recessive]

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