Anyone Grow 'Yul's Paradise?'

fawnee0214(9)January 30, 2012

I've had "Yul's Paradise" since late November. It was a spur of the moment buy. It's not done much in the foilage section compared to my others but has put out a few light pink double blooms. Is it a mini? I don't think it's a standard since it hasn't got much larger and has small leaves. I did prune many of the outer, water-scarred leaves off. The nursery didn't know anything about not getting water on the leaves! However this was recently. It didn't really do much even before that. I have it in an west-facing window with my Optimaras and an interesting NOID white with quilted foilage, who are all thriving under worse conditions. Yul's Paradise is slightly rose variegated with dark green leaves. I guess I'm wondering what's up. It almost looks stunted!

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irina_co(z5 CO)

It is definitely a mystery one.

There is nothing registered under this name, there is a dozen registered with "Paradise" in the name, but nothing that looks like double pink mini or semi.

If you know where you got it - you can try to find the details.

The way how you describe it - the growth is stunted, the leaves are spotted. I would chuck it and make sure that anything that touched this plant - pot, knife etc. - is sterilized either by clorax or rubbing alcohol. There plenty of virus around to risk infecting your collection.


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I don't think it's a virus. It's been touching the others and none have gotten anything suspicous besides powdery mildew and that one was the only one that didn't get it! Is it possible that it's growth is slower than my Optimaras? Come to think of it, the white NOID I mentioned grows fairly slowly, too. I just didn't notice it since it is potted in a dish with the much more rigorous Optimaras. Do some cultivars simply grow slower? I've read that Optimaras are the "iron violets." Maybe they grow faster?

That's interesting how it has a name that isn't registered... Man, I thought I had at least one named violet. Weird how it has a name but is not registered.

As for checking with the grower, I bought it at a church sale and do not recall the nursery. I think the leaves are spotted from getting water on them. The new leaves grow in normal and have more varigation on them than the old ones. The seller didn't seem to know much about them (although neither did I at that point) and were mostly selling orchids. They almost sold me an episcia as an African Violet!

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irina_co(z5 CO)

F. -

then it is just plain misspeled. Which is in essence another "NOID".

I encountered some violets that are super slow.
Otherwise - I would say mostly the growth is about the same in good conditions. Optimara Rhapsodie Cora is quite slow for me.

Virus doesn't move from leaf to leaf by touching, it is spread by "body fluids" - if you scratch one and then another, or if thrips will feed on sick plant - and then pass the infection to everything else in a house.

What I am preaching is that the plant that is stunted and not growing well enough in your conditions - probably takes the space of another one that would reward you with multiple blooms and happy growth.

I know that my conditions are pretty good - so if the plant is not doing well - too bad. It is probably sick or needs another climate zone.

Good Luck
Tell them to keep blooming or else!

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I will do that! I'll give it another month or so. If it doesn't pick up the pace, I'll give it to my sister! Nice to know about the viruses. I'm fairly certain it does not have a virus since the new leaves are perfectly fine. Healthier, even. I'll be sure to keep an eye on it though.

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irina_co(z5 CO)

Give at a weak fish emulsion drink. It is like champaine for them.

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That's funny...."If it doesn't pick up the pace, I'll give it to my sister!" lol Irina, I heard several years ago that you can use water from an aquarium for violets (same as fish emulsion). Would you try that or too "germy"?

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irina_co(z5 CO)

It is a very good idea...and germy? What's germy? - AVs and fishes do not share the same bugs.

If the plant is not sick, just doesn't like the conditions - why not to try it at your sister, she can compost it herself. I had the issue with Apache Diamond - that gave me 3 blooms in 2 years - gorgeous variegated plant but very stingy - and it bloomed happily in my friend's house.


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We shall see...

Say, how do you post pics? I would post some pics if I could.

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