Bambee Magnet

Michi_Harper(7)January 7, 2011

Is anyone familiar with Bambee Magnet? Is it a trailer? I sure hope so- mine has three crowns!

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I don't see it listed on FC2, but that doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

I suspect what you have is actually BUMBLE MAGNET, Orchard's Bumble Magnet to be exact. If what looks like Bambee is written could it actually be bumble?

If so, you have one of my favorite plants. It is a mini but not a trailer. As it ages it may sucker, but not readily in a younger plant. I love it because it grows quite symmetrically, and with disbudding, will produce a very heavy bloom.

With 3 crowns, you have potentially 2 additional plants!


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I looked up Orchard's Bumble Magnet in FC and yes, that is indeed it! It was mislabeled. Thank you Barbara! And yes it blooms really heavily. I just disbudded it, thinking to show it as a trailer in March(oh well)and almost cried. It was so covered with flowers, all 3 crowns in full bloom. I will prob put some leaves down and start over as I am hesitant to separate the crowns. I have never performed such "major surgery" before.

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irina_co(z5 CO)

Michi - you are the future plant surgeon!

you cut one of the crowns off the main stem- the way that the rest of the plant is not disfigured. You are looking at the cutting - remove lower leaves so you have a bare stem to stick in a soil. Use the regular 1:1:1 soil, plant it in a solo cup and bag it. You will have your cutting rooted in 2 weeks, and blooming in a month. Beats starting from a leaf. X-Acto knife is a good tool and you can get it in a Walmart crafts department. And that's the way how you propagate trailers - just cut the tip off and root.

It is a really delightful plant.


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Thanks Irina! I think I will try the surgery but I'll stick some leaves too just in case.

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