Chimera leaves

LindaFebruary 1, 2013

When I was at the National Convention in June, there was a plant exhibited as a sport of Yukako. The grower explained that when you propagate a leaf from a chimera, the resulting plant will always be the predominant color of the chimera, which in this case it was. Has anyone else ever heard of this? She said it would ALWAYS turn out this way. Also, would this be considered a sport?


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Any plant that does not bloom true to what it's parent plant is, is a sport.

As for the predominant color... I'm not sure about leaf-chimeras, but I know flower chimeras I have'd had go both ways.

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irina_co(z5 CO)

I side with Taxonomist. If you have let's say blue-white chimera and you put leaves down you can get solid blues and solid whites.Probably most of them will go after the main color. Yukako is a bit different - if propagated by leaf or by sucker - it strangely gives solids as well as sometimes chimeras even from a leaf - chimeras I saw besides true Yukako could be purple on purple - barely seen darker stripe - and white with green stripes.


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