african violet

MaureenJames(04345)February 10, 2013

hi there, I have av, not knowing what to do with it,I have had it about a month and it's not doing anything,I have it sitting in my window,but I guess sunlight is too strong for it,I don't know to care for it,when to clip or to water it,how to get it to bloom etc,it's winter here in maine I do not know if that's a problem or not, I also have another plant I don't know what it is,it looks ok,but I think its some type of creeping vine plant, its looks ok,it just doesnt seem to be growing rapidly as I would expect,will post a picture of both, I also have a aloe,that a friend planted in dirt from outside ,wich I think was a big mistake,so I replanted it in some potting soil,hoping I didnt kill the poor i'm not a green thumb!

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For your African Violet, go to the African Violet Society of America's website and read about the culture. They are not difficult to grow if provided with a few basics.
Hope this helps!


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They do slow down growth in winter, especially if your home is cooler. If it is in the window, I would think it is getting too cool in your area, especially at night. Direct sun can burn the leaves if it is too strong, should have a sheer curtain between the window and the plant. Mine are in the windows but I'm in Atlanta and its warmer here. Don't keep it too wet, they will rot, water when it starts to dry out. Fertilize occassionally. Only take off the leaves that don't look good, are getting old, discolored, droopy usually on the bottom of the plant. Checking out more info at is a good idea.

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Hi, I'm just visiting from the Houseplant & Cactus & Succulent Forum.

About the Aloe, potting soil is almost the worst thing you could use for it (it usually has peat in it, which hardens off over time, making it impossible for the plant to drink) . Pls. find Cactus & Succulent mix & add abt 40% perlite to it & pls. be sure the pot has a hole in it. Otherwise, you may expect problems. Then don't water it for a week or 2, or until you see new growth.

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