Leves fading to light green

jobear446February 13, 2008

Hi, Does anyone have as idea as to why some of my AVs are getting lighter green leaves. One of my minis that used to flower regularly is doing this. I even repotted it and it is still light green with no blooms. Also one of my large varigated trailers, is losing its varigation. They are not under lights now, I thought that might be the problem. I repotted them about 2 months ago and they should be over the shock by now. I fertilize with a weak solution everytime I water. Now I am wondering if it is too much. The potting soil I buy to mix my own violet soil has some fertilizer in it that is supposed to last for so long. Could that be it?? Sorry to be so long winded, but...........

Thanks, Joanne

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irina_co(z5 CO)

Hi Joanne -

Mostly the leaves bleach if it is too much light or not enough nitrogen in your fertilizer. Too much fertilizer and you get orange crust on the young leaves. You can try to water with a weak fish emulsion to see if it will change anything.

There is so many components in "culture" - and the plants have a limited way to show that they are in trouble.

If everything is absolutely the same - and you checked your roots that you do not have soil mealy bugs eating on them - it can be something in a water - for example your water district decided to switch from chlorine to chloramine for desinfecting water - and #2 is much worse for the plants.


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Not to interrupt a thread - just wanted to express my horror at the idea of SOIL mealy bugs.
I didn't know that level of awfulness was allowed... ;)


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irina_co(z5 CO)

Lara -

you can kill the mealy bugs off. Water district - NO.


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robitaillenancy1(zone 5)

The variegated trailer may be losing varigation because of warmth. Keep it cooler by growing it on a lower shelf if you have a light garden set up. Variegation is affected by temperature.

For the others, I believe it is your soil mix with added fertilizer. You don't know how much fertilizer they have put into the mix. It might be even enough for plants outside. I would say to change the soil mix and use only 1/4 teaspooon per gallon warm water for AVs.

Until you have finished with this soil mix, water with plain water only.


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Thanks Everyone, I appreciate the suggestions for a solution to my problem. I will try them..........\\Joanne

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