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thominindy(6)February 24, 2009

Hello Everyone. Another wonderful week.

I have been reading about AV sports and I still don't quite get it. Please explain.

Thank you

Thom in Indy

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A sport is simply a plant that did not conform to the original hybrid.
Fred in NJ

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Just say you grew a violet. You read the AVSA description, standard, single pink bloom, plain green leaves. You grow that plant and it always looks like that.

Then one day...you look at it and surprise, it is growing different..the flower color, the leaf color something is not following its previous growth pattern.....and it isn't because your plant has insects or virus or desease, ha. It just keeps growing and blooming different than it did when it was growing like its description. This plant is now a sport.

I have been growing Gher Lollipop for 2-3 years. Always it has double white with touch of yellow sometimes bloom. BUT, this past bloom cycle, it is less double, the flowers are a light pink with green edge. IF it has sported, it will have to continue to bloom this way and not go back to the double white. It was quite a surprise. I like pink and green on blooms, but I LOVED my little Lollipop and am quite upset about it. I had been watering my streps with tomato fertilizer and sometimes the violets got it too if there was some left in the watering can when a plant was dry, they get whatever is in there, which should be fine for gesneriads-always diluted plant fertilizer. Anyway...if this could have caused it, I don't know...there is not anything else that was different than what I've always been doing. I'm hoping with plain water and repotting, it will come back white next time it blooms. If not, its pretty and I'll just get another Lollipop.


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