My AV is growing into a ball shape - what gives? (newbie)

jbrady33February 21, 2013

I have 2 - one is the flat, spread leaves shape I expected. The other (pic attached) is growing all crazy, big leaves, little leaves, tall instead of wide and flat. Flowers occasionally but drops them quickly, still growing like a weed! Anything I can do to tame it back into normal AV shape?


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Looks like you have 2nd or sucker plants growing in the same container. You may need to separate them into another container.


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I agree with Lonnie. It looks like two or more plants in the pot.
You should separate them into their own pots. When you re-pot them, remove a few leaves from bottom of each. Then place in large baggie for a week or two, until they are re-established.

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Thanks All!

The 'mother' plant is looking mighty sparse right now :)

There were 3 full sized suckers growing in there!

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2 of the transplanted suckers

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