Rainbow's Quiet Riot Sport?

pisces7386February 18, 2010

I got a new Rainbow's quiet riot almost exactly a year ago and broke a leaf on the way home. That leaf produced 4 babies.. and now my confusion... All of them have started blooming and all of them have plain blue flowers; none of them have any speckles! I looked around researching the sports but they are all chimeras, which I really don't think these plants are (plus, the chimeras all have white flowers, I think). Is this an un-official sport of Rainbow's Quiet Riot? Or (and this is the only other thing I can think of) could it be temperature? They have been grown rather cold for the past few months... on average under 65F. But I was under the impression that growing cold would increase the speckling just like variegation. That and the parent still has normal flowers (with the same growing conditions). Does this make sense to someone?

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I purchased this violet last fall and when blooms appeared they were solid blue. I have been told that after it gets older and after a few times of producing blooms the true colors may show. I am hoping this happens.

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irina_co(z5 CO)

I doubt. You better find another leaf to start again. When the babies grow - they can have no fantasy, a bit of fantasy - or a lot of fantasy. I started Lying Eyes from 2 leaves - and got let's say 15 babies - and only one came up with good fantasy - the rest were either pink or had just a miniscule amount of it.

RQR has a gorgeous bloom plus it grows symmetrically - it is worth extra effort to get the good plant.


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I have started several leaves from the plant and waiting for the plantlets to grow and bloom.

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