One of my violets is not what I ordered. What to do?

bunnycat(z6 NY)February 28, 2008

I recently ordered King's Ransom, and now that the first bud has opened, it is clearly something else. I can't even find a look-alike on the seller's site. King's Ransom was at the top of my most-wanted list, so I am very disappointed.

They also gave me a Playful Spectrum, also in bud only, which has very little fantasy coloring. It is so washed out that it looks like something else, and certainly doesn't look like the picture on their website. Also, all but one of the leaves were an odd yellowy green-brown. I have no idea what caused this problem, since I didn't do it. So I don't know how to help this violet, other than to leave it alone and hope for the best.

On the hosta forum, there have been many discussions about some growers not culling plants which aren't "true." Most do. I think sellers should wait until at least one bud has opened to make sure a violet is what it should be. If I wanted "noids", I could pick them up at the grocery store for a lot less, and pick something that is attractive to my eye.

:o( Bunnycat :o(


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Hi Bunnycat, first, did you buy this from a commerical grower or someone on ebay? In either case, with King's Ransom someone could have made an honest mistake. Playful Spectrum sounds like the plant has a problem. A healthy Playful Spectrum does has a med. to dark green color to the leaves depending on light conditions.Contact the seller,they should be willing to replace the plant(s) that you have purchased.

If you purchased it on ebay and are interested in getting quality plants again, please contact me and I will give you the name of some growers who I have dealt with for quite awhile and have never had a problem with.If there is a mistake or plant is beyond saving they will be more than happy to replace it.

I also have Playful Spectrum coming up now from leaves so if you are willing to wait, I could send you one when big enough. You would just have to pay postage.

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bunnycat(z6 NY)

Hi daVioletman,
Thank you so much for your offer, and I am going to try and email you with more details, since I am uncomfortable about naming names in a public forum.

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Hi bunnycat,
I have had King's Ransom for a couple of years now. It's a beauty. I've started some babies from leaves and all of them have bloomed true. Here is a link to a picture of a young King's Ransom with its first blooms. Does your plant look anything like this. What color is the flowers? If you bought it from a reputable seller, they should replace it if they've given you the wrong variety.


Here is a link that might be useful:

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Is that a beautiful plant,, I have another one to add to my want list. Gosh, that list sure is growing! I too, would get in touch with the seller, take a pic of the flower and send it to them. A reputable seller sould stand behind what he sells, however you will probably be responsible for the shipping, if he/she sends a differant one to you.

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bunnycat(z6 NY)

Yes, it was purchased from one of the well-known sellers on this forum. Not sure if I am posting the photo the right way, so I'll apologize in advance if I do something wrong. The color is even a bit more lilac-colored than the picture. Not pink at all.
( After a few tries, I can't figure out how to just post a link, instead of a picture)

King's Ransom-Not!


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I know it sucks to get a wrong plat -- but that's just one gorgeous flower!

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I would just contact the seller and send him a picture of the pkant in question. Most honest sellers will replace the plant if it is wrong. If you have First Class 2 check it and look at the alernate photo of Kings Ransom, It almost looks like yours. Also if yours is a first bloom wait until it blooms again to see what develops. Here's the plant description from FC2.
King's Ransom (9530) 12/17/2005 (Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses/D. Herringshaw) Double light pink frilled star/light plum fantasy, white edge. Medium green, plain, quilted. Large
Fred in NJ

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bunnycat(z6 NY)

Hello Fred,
I don't have First Class 2, sorry to say.
This violet doesn't have even a hint of pink. It is a strong lilac and white. Either it is the wrong plant, or a sport I guess. It's nice enough, but not what I wanted. The big double pastel pinks are my favorites, and the photos of King's Ransom make my heart beat faster. I went to the Lyndon Lyon site to see what kind of photo Paul Sorano had of this violet since it is his introduction, and what I have looks nothing like his violet. I will contact the seller of my violet to ask if there was a mix-up, but think I'll wait until spring to get a true King's Ransom from the original source (2 1/2 hour drive). The real thing is flat out gorgeous.

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irina_co(z5 CO)

Bunnycat -

Looks like there are 2 types of this plant - the one at Sorano's actually closer to yours - it has a well defined white geneva edge - and the one at Rob's - his white edge is narrow.

What you got is closer to Sorano's.

It is quite common when the first bloom is not typical. Wait till you will get the next flash. I would say that you got the right plant - it just needs to mature a bit.



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