Trailer propogation question

pumpkin_eaterFebruary 21, 2013

Hi, I'm new to this website and pretty new to African Violets as well. My situation is as follows:

I bought an unnamed trailer variety AV last spring off a street corner (yes, really!). It was in bloom at the time and bloomed continuously through the summer.

At one point during the fall, when the plant was kind of in-between flushes of flowers (the older ones were fading, and new blooms were just coming up), I decided it was my most expendable plant and that I could try a little experiment on it...

Yes, I am cruel to my poor plants. I basically tore all the "crowns" on this plant into their own separate pieces. I ended up with one large piece, two medium-sized pieces, and three very small pieces, each of which I planted on its own.

The largest piece, which got most of the existing root mass, was the quickest to grow and bloom. I gave it to a friend. The rest of the pieces sat quietly in their pots over the winter in pretty low light, showing no signs of growth but looking healthy nonetheless. I can only guess that they were busy growing roots.

Now, since about the beginning of this year, they've been growing like crazy. They've doubled their sizes in the past month and a half and are going on tripling! I recently moved them each to bigger pots. The leaves are firm and bright green. All of the plants are on a north-facing windowsill that gets no direct sunlight and gets quite cold at night. They've only been in that location since around the time they started growing fast, so is the environment causing it?

My question is, when can I expect them to make flowers? I haven't seen any buds yet. Also, will they ever grow back into their original "trailer" shape? Right now the leaves are open in a tight flat spiral. I'll try to post some pictures soon. I appreciate any guidance that anyone has for me!

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I'd say in about 8 months given the right light / fertilizer.

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