Petunia description

snappyguyFebruary 11, 2010

Does anyone have the description of the AV called Petunia? I don't have First Class, but I've found the descriptions for all my named violets except this one. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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My First Class shows:
Hybirdizer: J. Swift Standard
Light pink/darker eye.
Light Green

Additional Info TX Hyb

Sorry, not much information and no picture.


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hmmm.... I wonder if there is a mistake in First Class. Petunia is a purple with white stripe chimera. The pictures from the seller and those on the AVSA site match, but that's all the info I have about it.

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There are two petunias:

Petunia (Unknown) Chimera purple/white stripe. Standard and
Petunia (J. Swift) Light pink/darker eye. Light green. Standard (TX Hyb)

Fred in NJ

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Thanks for clearing that up Fred. I didn't realize there was a double registration for that name.

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