Help with New Violet - looking sickly

mdhutchFebruary 17, 2013

Hello again,

My boyfriend got me a new AV for Valentine's day, which was very sweet but I barely have room for it. He bought it locally and had them pot it for him. I'm worried the soil and pot are all wrong but he doesn't know what soil they used and I don't want to hurt his feelings if I have to switch pots.

He had it just under a week before giving it to me. One of the flowers died and the rest are getting brown tips. The leaves are getting ugly dried brown spots too. The diameter of the pot seems fine but it's very long and has a fake saucer at the bottom. If the depth is fine I could try drilling a hole in the bottom and using a wick or a real saucer I guess?

I've never had this browning occur with my current violets so I'm not sure which condition it doesn't like. Is it the soil, pot, moving around, boyfriend not know how to water?
I also understand it's technically a few violets but I'm gonna let it be for awhile before I split them up.

Got such great advice here before so thank you anyone for taking a look!

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Here are a couple more photos for reference.

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One more.

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Just to start with: is there drainage in this pot? What does the soil consist of? It looks very heavy in the pictures.

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The pot looks to be right-sized, though I would make some allowances for drainage (i.e. drill your holes).

Also, you can put some filler (pearlite, for example) in the base of the pot to shorten the root-zone length. Also, pearlite can be added to the soil to lighten it (and improve drainage).

Your plant is looking remarkably well for being kept for a week by a non-AV-grower..

It probably is experiencing some transition issues, but should make it once you make your changes and the plant becomes adjusted to its new environment.

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