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susan_kc(7b)February 20, 2008

I just had to share with you all that I found Optimara's Modesty (one of the Victorian line, with variegated foliage) at my local Publix grocery store for 2.99! I was thrilled. I've found that Publix usually carries better varieties than other grocery stores, so for those of you looking for a bargain, you may want to check there if you have one in your area.

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Holey Moley! Your'e right, that is a find. Where do you live?

I don't think there is a named violet in the state of Maine in a retail outlet.

Barbara, green with envy...

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South Carolina. I see named violets, mostly Optimara, every so often, but not usually the variegated ones. :)

I've found that the classier grocery stores sometimes carry the named varieties in their floral section. Not always, but if you go at the right time... lol

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Randy Ritchie

I got an Optimara too! At Publix, in Fort Lauderdale. So guys, check around. They had 3 of them, only identified as Optimara, in 6 inch pots. I can't figure out what I have though. It has 21 blooms today, double or semi-double blooms (I'm so new at this I hesitate to make that judgement). The blooms are fringed, I would judge, and pink. The leaves are red on the underside, with the younger ones (mostly) a little wavy. I will most likely have to post a photo of it. Although the blooms are pink, some are lighter pink than others. Mine has blooms something like Everyoung, but not the leaves, so I'm not sure....
But it is beeeautful!


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I was lucky enough to find a Optimara Annabelle at the Wal Mart here in town. It was half dead but it is thriving now and it is beautiful........


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Optimara has an identification bit on their website. If your plant is blooming, you should be able to ID it from there.

Actually, the site might be for Holtkamp Nurseries. Google them both and you will find it.


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I picked up Modesty and a Home Depot last year and I just love it. It is a big bloomer. I found the only ones marked are the Everfloris series. Are they marking others now? That would be great.

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Mine didn't have a name on it, but it had a plant marker stuck in the pot that said, To identify, please visit:

It wasn't too hard to find the right plant, since there aren't many variegated ones. Others might be more difficult, but you can usually tell from the flower/petal shape.

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bunnycat(z6 NY)

Does Optimara have a link that tells where you can buy their violets? I didn't see one.

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"Does Optimara have a link that tells where you can buy their violets? I didn't see one."


Here's the info, it is from this page on Optimara's site:

To purchase Optimara Violets or plant care products, visit your local Optimara retailer or contact the Selective Gardener. The Selective Gardener specializes in plant care products made specifically for African Violets. In addition to Optimara Violets and leaf cuttings, the Selective Gardener offers the complete line of Optimara plant care products.

To visit the Selective Gardener online, go to

Or to receive the full-color Selective Gardener catalog, send your name, address and one dollar ($1 US) to the Selective Gardener, 6011 Martingale Lane, Brentwood, TN 37027

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bunnycat(z6 NY)

Thanks for the links, but...Yikes!!! Selective Gardner wants $6 and $8 for pairs of leaves. That's a lot more than other internet sellers are asking. I was hoping to find who the local retailers are, so I could avoid (1) shipping charges and (2) shipping/cold damage. My car is nice and warm :o)

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Yeah Selective Gardener is pretty pricey... I guess it's justified by being the "official" place to get the named Optimara plants... but a bit too rich for my blood--I can find named Optimaras on ebaY and thru trades just fine

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I once bought an Everfloris plant from Selective Gardener for $20.00. I saw the same plant the next week in my local grocery store for $8.00. Never again!! lol I sometimes see Optimara violets at Home Depot or Lowes, and like I said, occasionally at the higher end grocery stores.

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