My crown Fell off

nickz_growerFebruary 14, 2010

My crown fell off of my African Violet. It looks as there are still roots but just that many. Can I save the plant? Can I just replant what is left of the roots under the crown? Will the roots continue to grow if I try to grow them in water? Any thoughts would be great.

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robitaillenancy1(zone 5)

When a crown falls off, or rots away, it is from crown rot or root rot. Take the plant out from the pot, check the color of the roots. If they are brown, it is likely root root.

If you have root root, you will need to make new roots meaning taking off all the roots you have presently. Some people clean the stub like a carrot and replant, hoping for new roots to develop. Add a plastic sack for humidity. Forget the crown for awhile and think about making roots. If the roots develop, tiny suckers will develop in the crown area. You can allow two or more to grow and t ake the crowns to make new plants or make one crown your main crown for that plant. It is often quicker to get a nice looking plant by taking one of the crowns to develop.


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