I have buds!

Randy RitchieFebruary 13, 2008

The subject line says it all! I recently moved off the boat and into a little house with great 4 inch wide windowsills. Perfect for mini AVs. I ordered some from some Ebay sellers, and got really nice little plantlets. Some are more mature, even having two plantlets in the pot. I know I need to remove these suckers, and will do so soon. I'm getting more confidence as I'm reading postings here.

So, my budding beauties (pictures forthcoming) are:

Always Pink

Rainbow's Weeping Elf

Little Rich

I can't wait to have some blooming plants in the house. First time in my entire life I've had this kind of natural light. I won't be using lights and stands, not alot of space to spare. So windowsills it is, and it seems to be working OK for the minis. Whooohoooo!

I forgot to mark my calendar for the local AV club meeting and missed it. Now from another thread I've got updated contact information, so will be calling to confirm the next meeting date. This is so fun!


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Did you buy from Karin on ebaY? Her store name is Blossoms, Birds & Butterflies... She's the only one I've seen selling Rainbow's Weeping Elf (Which was my first one to bloom, by the way--and is still clinging to its last flowers more than a month later!) Anyhooz--She's a great seller!! I got that one off her as well as a few others.. I've made 2 orders with her now, she's GREAT!

Hope you post pics soon!

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Randy Ritchie

Yes I did get it from Karin! I haven't repotted them yet, wanted to let them settle in. Now that I've got AV soil, perlite, and vermiculite in, they up and sprout buds, lol.

When I go to the local AV club meeting I hope we'll be able to divide a couple of these guys, which will give me duplicates, but hey, it will give me something to share or give as gifts if I can nurture them well. :-)


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violetta1976(8 Portland OR)

Yay for you! I'm looking forward to seeing pics!

I actually have first blooms right now on a few babies I bought from Violet Barn last summer. It's so exciting! I'm in the same "boat" (lol) as you, in that I haven't been able to grow anything for years because of my location. I'm so happy to have AVs in my house! I have them set up on a huge set of shelves in front of a south-facing sliding glass door. Who cares if no one can use the door? I have AVs! That's more important!

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This is great! I love to see (read) your enthusiasm for african violets !

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Hi girlsaylor,

I don't mean to burst your bubble, but I don't want you to lose your violets either.

I keep mine in an east window and at certain times of the year I have to move them because they will get sunburned. My windows are cheap-cheap and old. Maybe you have better windows. Just keep an eye on them.

I am really happy for you and look forward to your pictures.


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Randy Ritchie

Hi Cyberdancer,

I looked and did not see what zone you are in, to get an idea of the intensity of the sun. I'm in south Florida, if that means anything. Thanks for your post - I'll watch for the temperature both inside and outside and watch my AVs to see how happy/unhappy they are as the sun moves in the sky. It's a learning experience for all of us, isn't it? My north-facing windows have less of an overhang than the south-facing ones. I have no east or west facing windows, probably as this is an old Florida house built before air conditioning was commonly installed. This house is on a canal, and the breeze is incredibly sweet much of the time. Thank you for the heads-up on observing my AVs and the seasons/available light/temperatures. I shall try and make notes. Maybe weekly observations of each of my AVs as I water, dust the foliage...

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golden_ca_2000(BC Canada)

yes Im with cyberdancer - I live in B.C. Canada and I have a east garden window in my kitchen and I find in the summer I also must move my AV's away from that spot because of the same reason - it just gets to hot. So be careful!

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