Irina and the Violet Barn

bunnycat(z6 NY)February 10, 2012

Don't want to keep hijacking lizzygracepond's thread, so....

Would love to make the trek to VB with you if you make it out this way.

And stop that stuff about more shelves. I just bought and set up my first light stand a few weeks ago. Filled up all 3 shelves immediately.

We detoured over to Lyndon Lyons last weekend on the way east to Albany. I really like growing them in sunshine, and don't have wallspace for another 4' long shelf unit. I realized that I do have one east window in my son's room. He moved out 2 years ago. I have the lighted unit in his room already. Yesterday I bought a 3' wide shelf unit that I am going to park in that lovely east window. It *should* hold everything I bought at LLG. They already look really nice on a little table I dragged in there. (I'm so bad. So weak. So helplessly in love and addicted.)

The only bad part concerns my son. He's returning in March for a a few months between leases. Don't think violets are his thing, and the kitties follow him everywhere. Uh oh.

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irina_co(z5 CO)

hear - hear!

I would love too- but in summer- when everything is blooming - would love to go to LLG too.

My son keeps preaching that I need to reduce my violets to 1 stand... he moved out - but comes to do his laundry and eat a family dinner.

If I would reduce it to 80 plants - my family would celebrate it with fireworks and dances.


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bunnycat(z6 NY)

The interesting thing about visiting LLG and VB at this time of year is the abundant larger blooming plants that are available. I agree with you that the best violets are the ones that you grow from babies in your own conditions. But I also think that some mail order-size violets are fragile...small, used to growing in a greenhouse and more apt to suffer from shock adapting to house conditions than the larger violets that get moved to the shelves for stop-in buyers. LLG and VB don't get a lot of visitors this time of year. They also aren't doing as many shows.
LLG had some older violets that I recognized from postings on this site. Tiger comes to mind. I asked months earlier about recommendations for reliable bloomers, and that's one you mentioned(thanks!). I now have one, and it's a beauty.

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Oh boy, the joy of planning a vacation around AV growers! I've been to both and they are truly 'candy stores'.

So, transporting plants by car at this time of year, easy. By air, not so much if you have to check them.....


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irina_co(z5 CO)

I still do not agree regarding any advantage of buying full grown AVs. I got really really small ones from Barn - and they always did good for me.

But there is an advantage of seeing the full grown plants - because - you see how they will look like. And then I would go and get the baby.

Barbara - I usually put a plastic storage box in my bag - on a way in - it is full of underware - on the way back when I do not need to worry about keep stuff from getting wrinkled - this box will be full of plants rolled into newspaper. As long as there is no space for them to move - they come out with minimum damage. But I do not buy show plants - these can be HUGE.

Miss ya


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