Miniature AV Christy -- description?

alenka(6)February 10, 2008

I'm looking for a description of a plant I recently bought at a local nursery (mostly I'm curious who the hybridizer is). It's a a miniature AV, and it was marked as 'Christy'. It has holly-type leaves, and smallish single, a bit wavy, star shaped red flowers with wide white edge.

I know it's a long shot (I couldn't find it on AVSA website, and googling didn't help either), but I thought I'd ask anyway. Thanks in advance!

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I looked in the FC2 database and it does not have a violet named Christy. There is one named Christi. Here is the description.
Christi (L. Ray) Semidouble dark coral-pink. Variegated pink, cream and green. Semiminiature

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I was hoping someone with FC2 would help out, thank you!
It doesn't sound like my plant though -- it's not variegated (just regular dark green with red reverse), and the white edge on the flowers is so pronounced that it would definitely be in the description. I guess there is always a chance that whoever is growing AVs for that nursery is simply making up names... Oh well, it's still a very pretty plant! Thanks again!

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