Where can I buy predaceous mites in Canada?

lara11February 24, 2008


I want to try predaceous mites against thrips and other types of inscects this spring/summer. I will appreciate if someone suggests where can I buy predaceous mites in Canada, Montreal (at the store or online).

Is there anyone that actually used them with a good result?


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I know people who have tried it with pretty good results. They said it helps control pests, but they felt it didn't totally eradicate them. Another problem is that they are pretty expensive and unless you have a large collection, it might not be cost effective for you. When the pests are gone, the beneficials die off and then you have to buy more if/when the pests mount a resurgence. I don't know where you would find them in Canada, but my friends paid approximately $30.00 U.S. for a small batch.

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Thanks Dragonfly2008! Yes, they do die when there is nothing to eat anymore. I don't have a big collection, just a few favorite plants, violets, streps, orchids and kohlerias and you are right it is a little expensive.

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robitaillenancy1(zone 5)

When I was researcing for my bug book, this was a corner I had to investigate. There are places in Canada which sell beneficials but in your case, unless you have about 500 plants, I wouldn't think you would need them.

If you wanted to research for them, just write in beneficial insects canada and things will pop up.

With some of the preditor insects you have to buy from a place which is quite near you so you can get them within a 24-hour period because they begin to eat each other. Some are embedded in a type of sponge which you dampen then squeeze out and release the tiny insects. The whole operation is facinating and I believe it costs about $25 for certain types.

But with your small collection, I don't think you would have enough bugs to keep these preditors alive for long.

Depending on what problem you are experiencing, you may be able to control this with home-made methods. Some bugs will only be controlled with poisonous chemicals like mite and Soil mealies.


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robitaillenancy1(zone 5)

For thrips, allow the soil to become a bit dry to smother the larva in the soil. Or you can use one tablespoon of bleach to one gallon warm water. Drench the rootball allowing water to run out the bottom.

Then you can catch the fliers by putting trays full of plants into garbage bags with a yellow sticky card. Spray with Lysol antiseptic spray, close bag. Release in 24 hours and that should do the trick.


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