Abbey rose collection - long...

jerome(z9 CA)June 11, 2011

Some of you have asked me what roses we grow at the abbey. Here is a (more or less) current list of the varieties we have. Hope some of you will decide to visit here sometime. Take care!

Abbey Roses 2011


1. Adam

2. Alliance Franco Russe

3. Baronne Henriette de Snoy

4. Beaute Inconstante

5. Clementina Carbonieri

6. Devoniensis - bush form

7. Devoniensis climbing

8. Duchesse de Brabant

9. E. Veyrat Hermanos (climbing tea)

  1. Etoile de Lyon

  2. Faith Whittlesey

  3. Francis Dubreuil

  4. General Tartas

  5. Goubault

  6. Huntington Pink Tea

  7. Lady Hillingdon

  8. Lady Roberts

  9. Le Pactole

  10. Mlle de Sombreuil

  11. Mme. Antoine Mari

  12. Mme. Berkeley

  13. Mme. Joseph Schwartz

  14. Mme. Lombard

  15. Maman Cochet

  16. Marie Legond (Mrs. Foley Hobbs)

  17. Miss Atwood

  18. Monsieur Tillier

  19. Mrs. B.R. Cant

  20. Mrs. Dudley Cross

  21. Niles Cochet

  22. Niphetos

  23. Rosette Delizy

  24. Soncy

  25. Souvenir de Pierre Notting

  26. White Maman Cochet

  27. William R. Smith

  28. Marie van Houtte


1. Alister Stella Gray

2. Bouquet d'Or

3. Chromatella

4. Crepuscule

5. Duchesse d'Auerstadt

6. Marechal Niel

7. Mme. Berard

8. Celine Forestier

9. Reve d'Or

  1. Lamarque


1. Aimee Vibert

2. Champneys' Pink Cluster

3. Roselle Noisette


1. Eugene de Beauharnais

2. Spice


1. Alfred de Dalmas


1. Mlle. Cecile Brunner (spray)

2. Perle d'Or

English (Austin)

1. Abraham Darby

2. Brother Cadfael

3. Carding Mill

4. Charles Darwin

5. Crown Princess Margareta

6. Cymbaline

7. Evelyn

8. Glamis Castle

9. Golden Celebration

  1. Graham Thomas

  2. Harlow Carr

  3. Janet

  4. Jude the Obscure

  5. Molineux

  6. Perdita

  7. Radio Times

  8. Scepter'd Isle

  9. Sharifa Asma

  10. Strawberry Hill

  11. Tamara

  12. Teasing Georgia

  13. The Dark Lady

  14. The Generous Gardener

  15. William Shakespeare 2000

  16. Young Lycidas

Hybrid Perpetuals

1. Grandmother's Hat

2. Forest Ranch Pom-Pom

3. Jacques Cartier

4. La Reine

5. Old Town Novato

6. Yolande d'Aragon


1. Mystic Beauty

2. Variegata di Bologna

Hybrid Teas and Grandifloras

1. April in Paris

2. Brandy

3. Brigadoon

4. Classic Woman

5. Condesa de Sastago

6. Dames de Chenonceau

7. Double Delight

8. Firefighter

9. First Prize

  1. Francis Blaise

  2. Gemini

  3. Halloween

  4. Just Joey

  5. Lemon Spice

  6. Leonidas

  7. Moonstone

  8. Mr. Lincoln

  9. Mrs. Lovell Swisher

  10. Peter Mayle

  11. Pope John Paul II

  12. Queen Elizabeth

  13. Radiant Perfume

  14. Roberto Capucci

  15. Secret

  16. St. Patrick

  17. Strike it Rich

  18. Sweetness

  19. Tahitian Sunset

  20. Tchaikovski

  21. The Doctor

  22. Tiffany

  23. Tropicana

  24. Unforgettable

  25. Versigny

  26. Yves Piaget


1. Brilliant Pink Iceberg

2. Etrusca

3. Our Lady of Guadalupe


1. Felicite Parmentier

2. Mme. Plantier


1. Joseph's Coat

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What a glorious collection! I hope very much to see it someday.


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ingrid_vc(Z10 SoCal)

What a gorgeous collection! My mouth is watering at the many teas you have. You obviously have a lot more room than I do to have so many large roses. Your spring bloom must be magnificent, especially since you've gardened long enough to have mature bushes.


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jerome(z9 CA)

Rosefolly...please do visit. Feel free to email me if you like.

Ingrid, thanks very much. I wish I knew in 2004 what I know now. I had no idea how big things would get or how to garden in "big gestures". Now I'm grateful for the space, and plant accordingly. When I see some of the configurations I made a few years ago, I laugh out loud. Things I've learned:

Mme. Berkeley gets big!
Rosette Delizy gets really big!
Souv. de Pierre Notting gets enormous.

I'd learned these things before putting in Peachiekean's Teasing Georgia, so it had enough room from the getgo, and it's perfect. Gardening is great.

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jerome(z9 CA)

I also have a rose by Viru Viraraghavan, "Pat Henry" from Roses Unlimited. Forgot to include it. It's wonderful. Fragrant and beautiful growth. Just planted in April, so I don't know more than that it blooms a ton. Very glad I ordered it. The photo on HelpMeFind is lovely, but doesn't do the rose justice. I'll try to post pics soon.

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Wow, Jerome, you have a lot to take care of, but it must be glorious. I hope my Souvenir de Pierre Notting isn't going to be enormous. It only has room to be smallish medium!


Here is a link that might be useful: If only sweat were irrigation...

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jerome(z9 CA)

Hi Sherry! I can't speak for SdPN in your climate, because I notice Florida roses grow different from here. Souvenir de Pierre Notting here in about 5 years got to be about 6 x 6. I pruned them (there are 2 of them) rather hard this year. I would not do it again...they're pouting now. They're not damaged, just pouting. The evidence of it is the tons of mildew on the new growth and spindly leaves. Live and learn.

Some people who've taken cuttings from my SdPN have plants that have not gotten as large for I don't know what's going on there.

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Mendocino_Rose(z8 N CA.)

What a wonderful list Jerome. I can just imagine walking through the garden. I really hope that Michael and I can visit some time. I wrote down your e mail. Have you put the garden on HMF? It's such a great way to organize everything and share photos. Others would enjoy looking at the garden there too.

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Father Jerome, one day I will. I have family in the LA area that will bring me to that part of the state at some point. Thanks for the kind invitation!


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Where oh where did you get 'The Doctor'? I love it but have not seen it available for years. It did not do well for me but I would still like to try it again. Maybe it likes sunny California better than our Ohio weather, HOT in the summer and COLD in the winter.


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Jerome, I can't imagine two climates more different than yours and mine - but yet some of the roses that do well for you do well here. Okay, not that many but:

Faith Whittlesey
spray Cecile Brunner
Jacques Cartier

we grow in common and they are all fine here too. Isn't that wonderful?

Devoniensis survived the winter and has grown back; I planted Lady Hillingdon and Madame Berkeley this spring and maybe they'll do well too. High hopes here. Gean

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jerome(z9 CA)

I don't like to say this too loudly - but Devoniensis is not a rose I'd ever replace or try again. Here it is covered with mildew, is a scrawny plant, has ugly growth patterns (I speak of both bush and climber) and has shown these traits for 6 years. Every time I see Jeri Jennings photo of the beauty up in San Juan Bautista, I am overcome with the beauty of it. That plant is from a different planet than mine. I am not going to shovel prune them, but not because I wouldn't - I just don't want to have to admit on this forum that I shovel pruned 4 Devoniensis! :-/

It may be wonderful - but in this little corner of God's Garden - it stinks!

Cath - I got the Doctor from a friend (Luanne) as a gift. I think she ordered it from Ralph Moore's nursery. I also know RU has it. My plant pined away for about 4 years, and I finally gave up about 18 months ago and pulled it out of the ground with its 2 roots to throw it out. Our Fr. Ambrose saw it and said, "Father Jerome, may I take this....?" so of course I let him. This year, I was walking down by the novitiate and saw this healthy vigorous rose growing - "What's that one, Fr. Ambrose?" "The Doctor, Fr. Jerome..." Hmmm...sometimes they just want a change of scenery, yes?

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Fr. Jerome,

Thank you so much for the sources for 'The Doctor', I would be ecstatic if "...a change of scenery..." would do it.


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jerijen(Zone 10)

I don't like to say this too loudly - but Devoniensis is not a rose I'd ever replace or try again. Here it is covered with mildew, is a scrawny plant, has ugly growth patterns

*** Don't feel badly.
We also shovel-pruned three or four of it.
The beauty from San Juan Bautista (we did not visit it this spring. I hope it still lives) yielded up healthy plants.
One is in the Sacramento Cemetery, and one will go into the ground here, this year.
It's disease-free and blooms generously.
I don't think it will reach (in my lifetime at least) the proportions of the mother plant -- but I don't care.

Gregg Lowery found another like it, in the old Santa Rosa Cemetery. Some fool pruned it, and it is gone.


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peachiekean(z10A CA)

I guess my veggie garden roses Mme. Berkeley and Souvenir Pierre de Notting will quickly outgrow their space. I'll enjoy them until they do. I am about to sp Perle des jardins. Scrawny and mildewed. And replanting Catherine Mermet did wonders for her. I'm now treating her like a HT instead of a tea.

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Jerome---I had no idea you had such a large and varied collection of roses--

You have no idea how thrilled I would be to visit your garden and meet you---

Doesn't look like it will happen but 'I can dream can't I'--( reminds me of an old song )


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jerome(z9 CA)

I should update this now...since we've planted about 100 more roses just this past 5 weeks!

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And it was already an amazing collection before you did that!

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Looking forward to the update---


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JessicaBe(5-6 Central Ohio)

Father Jerome would you consider getting cuttings from them?


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jerome(z9 CA)

Sure, we give cuttings to friends all the time from the roses not under patent. I really need to revise the list soon. We have added, in no particular order:


1. G. Nabonnand


1. Jaune Desprez
2. Madame Alfred Carriere

English Roses:

1. Munstead Wood
2. Lady of Shalott
3. Princess Alexandra of Kent
4. The Alexandra Rose
5. Buttercup
6. Windflower
7. Jubilee Celebration
8. Lady Emma Hamilton
9. The Alnwick Rose

  1. The Pilgrim
  2. Tea Clipper
  3. Mary Rose
  4. Redoute
  5. Winchester Cathedral
  6. Gentle Hermione

Holy Christmas! That's crazy of me. Anyway, I should start to make a list and a map of all the beds...this is getting to be a big group of roses.

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jerome(z9 CA)

General Schablikine

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so bizarre, here Devoniensis has never mildewed. So glad you're having fun in the garden.

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I wish I could travel to meet you and your roses.
I love Tea roses most of all and you grow many of my favorites.

Would you possibly have time to list your top 3 (or 4 or 5)
favorites of each class of rose that you grow?


    Bookmark   February 15, 2012 at 7:27PM
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jerome(z9 CA)

Lux...I'm changeable, and my tastes have changed over the years. Right now, my favorites (in no particular order)

1. Souv. de Pierre Notting
2. Mons Tillier
3. Niles Cochet
4. White Maman Cochet
5. Faith Whittlesey (sp?)
6. Rosette Delizy
7. Miss Atwood
8. Mme. Berkeley
9. Marie van Houtte....sorry so many Teas, but these really are splendid....
oh and 10. Etoile de Lyon and 11. Le Pactole

Hybrid Perpetuals:

1. Grandmother's Hat
2. Old Town Novato
3. Forest Ranch Pompom

1. Lamarque is stupendous
2. Reve d'Or looks promising....but all this class takes forever to take off here.


1. Spice is great


1. Perle d'Or is wonderful

Hy Teas and Grandifloras:

1. Firefighter
2. Secret
3. Gemini
5. Versigny
6. St. Patrick
7. Tchaikovski
8. Lemon Spice
9. Tahitian Sunset


1. Abe Darby
2. Golden Celebration
3. Young Lycidas
4. Brother Cadfael
5. Graham Thomas
6. Crown Princess Margareta
7. Molineux (sp?)
9. Teasing Georgia
10 Scepter'd Isle.

Also....Felicite Parmentier is a great rose here. Alba, that.

Sorry there are so many on my list...I was in a rush and didn't have time to make it shorter and really ponder. All the ones I listed are wonderful here.

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annabeth(Zone 8 No Cal inland)

I'd love to see this list ILLUSTRATED. I'll repeat a question asked above: Do you have the Abbey listed on HMF? Are you on HMF? Excuse my ignorance, but I don't even know the name of your Abbey. I know of one in So Cal called the Prince of Peace Abbey. Is that yours?


    Bookmark   February 15, 2012 at 11:14PM
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jerome(z9 CA)

Hi's St. Michael's Abbey in Silverado, Norbertine Order (Prince of Peace is Benedictine) I need to put some work into my HMF page. It's a question of finding the time. I'll try and take more photos and put them up. Thanks to all for your interest.

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annabeth(Zone 8 No Cal inland)

Please do...I'll be watching for them!


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jerome(z9 CA)

Just ordered Le Vesuve from Vintage....more varieties....

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Do you have friends there who like to garden with you? I imagine that it feels like a family there. What a wonderful way to live. I'm sure that there will be loving hands to care for the roses for many many years. Even though I'm living by myself, I like to sing monastic chants when I'm in the garden because they are so beautiful and they bring joy and peace to my heart.

    Bookmark   February 19, 2012 at 12:38AM
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