Name this violet

pembroke(6--Louisville KY)February 14, 2014

bought this no name violet in the grocery. Love the bloom combination color. The plant stick says grown in wood hill greenhouses in Canada. Any idea what the name might be? Thanks. Pembroke

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Dang, I am jealous. It is one of the Optimara MyViolet series. Go to and see which one.

Diana in PA

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pembroke(6--Louisville KY)

So it looks like MY LOVE is the name of this violet. Thanks. Pembroke

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How appropriate for Val's Day! Jo

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I always enjoy playing "name the Optimara" game and I'm thinking this plant could be My Joy because it doesn't appear to be a star bloom as is My Love. If you do Facebook, check the Optimara page for a recent comparison photo of their My series.

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