What did I do wrong?

amethystfaeryFebruary 25, 2010

I had many of these when I was a little girl.(my mother had many plants so I got into them as well starting from when I was about 10)

They all thrived happily and I am rather sure at that age I didn't do anything special or follow the special protocals with them. They were in my room. My mother did not care for them for me either.

When we moved years later it was a long move so I had to give them away... But they all did great in my years with them.

Fast forward to last spring. I decided to grow these beauties once more.

And one by one...all 5 of them died!!

I followed everything you are supposed to do. And the oddest of thing of all this spreading death would start with one. Then when one was gone another would follow shortly after. Also weird they seemed to be happy! They all were in their second time of blooming after a few months. Two of them died while blooming! The saddest and oddest of all was the last one who went. My largest one. He was blooming so strongly and so healthy and all the sudden it got him too :( He really put up a fight too.

The death I speak of is necrosis starting at the tips of the leaves and starting inward.

It sounds like it might have been root rot. But again I watered like you were supposed to and I sure as heck know when I was little I didn't do anything special with watering them (I probably over watered them alot when I was little hahah but they all did great anyway.)

Are there any pest that can do this?

I did make the mistake of bringing one in that had powdery mildew (I didn't notice it at the store..)

The last one ended up having it but it wasn't a large infection. I also noticed it had a really small infestation of what appeared to be Thrips. Sadly I found this too late. But the infestation was really small and as far as I know it must be a large one and going for a long time before it can kill?

Sorry if this post is long. But I have thought about giving them another go this spring. But I really want to know what went wrong with the last ones. I don't want to go through the sadness and frustration of watching them slowly die off again. =(

Thank you anyway who can help :)

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irina_co(z5 CO)

Hi there -

I would guess that if you don't repot them in a lighter soil - the overwatering will kill them sooner or later. I bet that's the difference between now and then. The soil that is used nowdays to plant the violets for the big box stores - gets waterlogged inevitably. It is not good for the plant - it i good for delivery - it holds the water well - and it is not getting out of the pot on the bumps while the plats are in transportation.

Regarding thrips - they are bad news and they propagate fast - so there is never just a bit of them - it is an invasion in making.

Next time you try too bring a plant from a store - disbud it in the garage - do not bring thrips home - yeah - yeah sounds counterproductive - repot in a very light soil - the best is 1:1:1 perlite, vermiculite and peat moss, get Shultz 3 in 1 spray - it is based on neem oil - and it is pretty harmless preventive for PM, Thrips and whatnot. Spray your plant 3 times week apart - just be sure that the spray is warm - put the bottle in a hot water for some time - and isolate. If you already have thrips in a house- disbud everything that blooms - and keep spraying. Do not let cold draft or bright sun get on your plants while they are wet.

The 1:1:1 soil mix doesn't have nutrition - add 1/4 of a teaspoon per gallon of AV fertilizer and do not let the plants stay in water - empty the saucer in 15 min. And you will be amazed how happy they will be.

You can use heavier mix - less perlite - but be sure not to overwater.

Good Luck ad hope you will have tons of happy violets in no time.


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Thank you Irina so much for your reply! :):):)

Most helpful P.S I am not sure if I ever over-watered them as a child, just assuming I was more likely to then than last year when I had them. Hopefully this time will be better luck! I sometimes wonder what they already have when bringing home from those places>

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