starting a trailer leaf?

sabrebuddyFebruary 21, 2009

Hi everyone, I broke a leaf off my trailing african violet today and I want to plant it to make babies is it the same as the standards as the stem is so thin, thanks Terri

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Yeah you can start it just like any other leaf...

But I think the easiest/fastest way to start trailers is to just cut off a "growth"... Kinda like rooting a sucker for a non-trailing AV.

But leaf-starting works just as well, just takes longer to get a whole plant.

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And with trailers, you want to take off crowns (suckers) so they will grow more crowns (suckers). More crowns, more blooms, more well rounded plant. Did you notice the violet on the top of the av forum page?...traile!r - award winner. Some trailers sucker like crazy, others need a lot of pinching to help them bush out. But still root the leaf, you can have fun growing it from a leaf and maybe share the plantlets. tish

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