A Baby with a Bud

amany(MI / 6)February 3, 2008

Hi there.

I separated my AV babies three weeks ago. One of the royal wasp babies has a bud already.

I thought I had read once that if a baby buds, it's best to snip it so that the plant's energy can be spent on leaf and root growth. Is that true? I hope not because I want the bud to stay.

BTW, the AV leaves are roughly the size of a nickel, in case that's important. What should I do??

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Snip it. Your plant should be more robust as a result.

Kind of a pay a little now or pay more later thing.........


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amany(MI / 6)

That's definitely the response I feared. lol Thanks Barbara. I guess I'll just need to be patient and wait for the next round of buds. I can't wait!

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violetta1976(8 Portland OR)

So I'm curious... what would happen if she didn't snip it?

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Hey Amany, just wanted to say Happy Birthday to you (a few hours late, I know)

LOL And in case you're thinking "How the heck did she know it was my Bday" it's 'cos I saw yer name on the Bday list yesterday over on another forum we both belong to but I never see you posting on... Altho I don't post much there either, the management hates me.... so I mostly stick to VR instead where it's friendly, welcoming, comfy, and all-around supremely awesome!

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amany(MI / 6)

Violetta, from what I think I remember reading, all of the plant's energy is used up on the bloom rather than establishing a good root system and growing leaves.

m3rmald, Thanks so much! I celebrated my birthday all weekend long. I never just have a birthday. It's always a birthweek or birthweekend. lol What can I say? I'm glad to be here.
I actively read two other forums where I post occasionally. Usually only when someone needs advice and I happen to know the answer. I mostly active on GW, and "active" may be a strong word. I don't even post over here as much as I used to. I read a lot to stay informed though.

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LOL That's ok, Amany.. My bday is June 2nd but I spend all of May counting down and all of June "celebrating" so it's like a BirthTwoMonths LOLOLOL
I hope you'll join us on VR, I'm always trying to drag new friends over there :-D

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