Video update - 6 mos of growth in 14 seconds

frank325February 17, 2009

I posted a video a couple months ago, just thought I'd share an update. I've been following this little guy along since I put it in its own cup. I started with pictures everyday, then moved to about every other day. Towards the very end, you'll notice that lately the leaves have been sticking up on one side. I don't really get why some of them are doing that. I have all my plants in the same place now, some lie perfectly flat, others stick straight up in the air. It's odd.

At one point in the last half you'll notice the older leaves turn a lighter green. It was then I moved my light a little closer, only to find out that some others that were slightly higher than this one at the time got burned, so the light went back up.

Anyway, enjoy!

Click Here!

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That is a great video, Frank! Thanks for sharing it with us.


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Nice work. I did a little photo shoot on an overgrown plant that I had ignored for too long. If you are interested, check out the link below. At this time all the plants have been disbudded in hopes that they will bloom in time for my local clubs show on May 3. I will take a few more pics of the plants when they are fully grown and in bloom.
Fred in NJ

Here is a link that might be useful: Operation Ness' Orange Pekoe

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