Buckeye Extravaganza Sport?

rand999February 24, 2013

I separated my Buckeye Extravaganza into 4 plants. 3 bloomed as expected. The fourth came out looking like this. The original has the dark only on the edge. Would this be considered a sport or just a regression I should compost?

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irina_co(z5 CO)

Hmm - what is the regression? I thought they are all sports - good and not so good.

Your call - if you like it - you grow it, may be consider naming it as a sport. If not so much - give it as a birthday gift to your non-violet friends. It is too lovely just to compost it.


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Coincidentally that is one of the varieties that this newbie is trying to grow. I think this variation looks fantastic. Were all the leaves from the same mother plant? If you like it, then keep it by all means.

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Yes all the plants were from one leaf. I think I will be keeping it. You guys are right, It does look great. Hopefully it is stable. The rest look like this one:

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irina_co(z5 CO)

Very cute - love the water drop. As a suggestion - if you turn on a regular incandescent light nearby - the drop will shine.

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I like it better than the original :)


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