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hummersteveFebruary 3, 2008

Hi guys-- I saw this av at wm which had huge flowers on it but it was in pretty sad shape and if they had two of these I would have gotten both but , anyway I brought it home changed the soil and deadheaded and removed the flower stalks and have separated it from my other plants. I believe it has a good chance because the leaves are extremely healthy and I will also put some leaves down. The large flowers on this plant were of a reddish color , some of you might have a hint of what it might be.

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I bought a huge healthy plant at Pike nursery. It too had huge red bloom but within two weeks it went down hill so fast I couldn't believe it. By the time I knew anything was wrong, it was too late to save it. I still don't know what happened, but it was separated from my other plants. I did take some leaves to start while it was looking good and they are rooting nicely, isolated also, so all was not lost. There can't be too many plants with a bloom like it. I hope you find out the name. I'll keep an eye out at our wms for another one. tish

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lilypad--- I too will keep looking for a similar plant , but its not likely I will see another like thats why I put down leaves from it. By the way Ive had this for a week now and still looks good. I have it under the light over my range from microwave and it seems to be happy there. It certainly wasnt getting enough light at wm, they never do. They are always on a lower shelf and drowned in water, so I just have to keep a look out. I have done well on saving plants from there, maybe just lucky.

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tweetypye(z8/sc AL)

I haven't seen that one at my local WM, sounds really pretty. All my AV's have been rescued from WM, and are doing beautifully for me. All are regular size except for one mini. I posted a link to photos of them in a previous thread.
Show us a photo of your new one if you can. I'd love to see the blooms. :)

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