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tamisue_2009February 12, 2009

Hi, new to the group here. I LOVE AV and have a few Walmart plants. I want MORE! I love std plants, semi-minis, minis and trailers. Now, are there any advantages of mini/semi's over std? Or disadvantages? Or, are stds easier to care for? My guess is that the trailers are probably the easiest to care for since you don't have any suckering to deal with?

I have an 11 1/2 foot wide! window on the south side, in my livingroom. HOWEVER, I have a 4 foot soffet overhang that shades this window in the summer. Winter allows about 2 hours of sunlight that my exsisting violets seem to really enjoy. I'm thinking this window will work for summer plants, not directly on the sill, but on a table in front of the window. Again, no direct sun with this overhang. Does this sound doable?

Thanks for any advice! I do plan on a light stand in the future in a room all their own! I LOVE Rob's violets and plan on placing my order with them soon.

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Tamisue, welcome to the forum.

An advantage of minis and semi-minis is simply one of can get about 4 minis in the space taken up by a large mature standard. I used to be standards only, but so quickly ran out of space. Now I look for minis and semis first. Besides, they are so darn cute!

In regards to the window sill, if there is no direct sun on the sill in the summer, your plants should be fine, as long as the space doesn't get hot. Any summer sun, especially the south and west facing windows, will usually burn the plants. A sheer curtain does the trick, provides just enough diffusion of the light.

Good luck with your new babies when you receive your Rob's order.


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Semi & Mini = 4 times the pleasure as one standard because of space.
But I haven't really seen a violet yet that I hate :) LOL

Some blooms are more beautiful than others but to me, it's the size that makes it so fascinating....kind of like a baby is unique because of are minis.

I hope you'll stick around and share with us.

What are your favorite plants that you have so far?


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mortswife97630(SE OR.)

All of the photos I've seen of minis look like they have really small flowers. I guess that's why I like the larger ones.

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irina_co(z5 CO)

Tami Sue (??? can I call you this way???)

Hear hear! My young Fisherman's Paradise is hitting 18" in diameter. 2 of these- and your windowsill is full.


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Yes, Tami Sue is fine! I've decided that I'm going to order several of Rob's semi mini trailers and 8 or 10 semi minis (and a mini or two). I like the sound of the oyama planters, so will order pots and their recommended soil and perlite. HOWEVER! There are a few stds that I MUST have! Ma's Fat Froggie and Ma's Corsage.

My AV's I have now are all store bought. Not even sure if they are Optimar. Starting to bloom, so will have to take pics when they open. Varigated foliage.

I plan on getting a bench made that is the same height of my window sill (20") tall and have it across the entire lenth of the window (11 1/2 feet) and probably 12 - 16" wide. I should be able to fit many semi minis, minis and a few stds there!

Oh, and I need to order a good AV book!

I guess I'll be doing my part to help "stimulate" the economy with my "pork spending" ;-) I figure I better make my purchases now while I'm still employed! (do in-home care, my clients could go into a nursing home any time!)

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Hi TAmisue,
First of all welcome to the Violet world and to this forum on the garden web.
I think that one of the biggest differences between standards and the little ones is that the little ones get to maturity much sooner that standards. It may take a full year for a standard to get to its show stage where a mini or a semi can do it in half that time. But..........there is nothing like the grandeur of a huge well grown standard.
Fred in NJ

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irina_co(z5 CO)

Hear hear! I second Fred.

Ma's plants will sit nicely in 4" Oyama's, I think the Oyama's for minis are around 2.5". Look strange though. Too tall for the width. There is something about the squatty pots - the violets just look better.

The way it goes - you will be building shelves with shop lights to keep your ever increasing collection soon.

Good luck and good blooms


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tamisue_2009 lights, shelves....Another AV that I HAVE to have. Yes, I can see it now. Well, I have 2 spair bedrooms, one is empty except for a parakeet (that I swear will live forever!) and an entire finished and heated basement!

I am an avid gardener and winter here in extreme northern IL just about KILLS me without much to do in the house as far as gardening goes. I have a small collection of potted scented geraniums, but they just don't excite me like the AV's do. Tho they smell nice. So, maybe becoming a true AV "collector" will save my sanity in winter!

I do plan on paying for membership/subscription to AVSA and also one of the books they offer. I want to learn as much as I can before having a whole bunch of AV's delivered and THEN try and learn before I kill them all. Will have soiless blend (Rob's) and Oyama pots as well, when AV's arrive.

Thanks for everyone's input!

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I tell people in our study group, "There are worse addictions and viruses to have other than AV bugs."

When I started last May, I had less than 7 plants positioned on an end table by the western window. Last week while watering and removing bags, I counted 190 pots and about 20 of them have more than one plant in them. I now have two plant stands with grow lights and a set up with a planting area/soil storage/etc.

It's a virus that I LOVE and the people that I'm getting to share this hobby/addiction with are an even greater blessing.

Welcome to the forum. Hope you'll stick around and contribute often with questions and comments.


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Hello again Tamisue,
I have been a member of AVSA for over 25 years now and I have never regretted joining. Not only because they discount the things they sell to members but for all the services they provide. I am glad to hear that you intend to join and when you do and you are looking around for a book to use, I would recommend Growing to Show by Pauline Bartholomew. It has a wealth of information not only for the intended shower but also for the novice and avid grower. I have all three of the books which I constantly refer to. Each volume has something a little different in it when Paullne revised it. The latest version has many more changes but what ever edition you get it is well worth it. The other thing that I would recommend getting would be First Class 2. FC2 is the master variety list on disk. It lists all the violets that have been registered plus many others. I use it to check plants to see if they are blooming correctly and also use it when I do entries at our local club's show.
Fred in NJ

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Hi, Tami Sue, and welcome to the forum!

I second Fred's suggestion regarding Pauline Bartholomew's book, "Growing to Show". I purchased my copy last November and it is a great source of information for all African violet growers. I also second Fred's other suggestion regarding FC2. It makes a wonderful source for viewing information and pictures of thousands of violets and helps in choosing the next violet that "you have got to have".

Happy growing!


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irina_co(z5 CO)

When you join the Society - by the way - do you have AV/gesneriad clubs in your area? the list is on affiliates - I see one in Norridge IL- you will be going to the local Shows and some day to Convention - and it is so much fun!

Welcome - and the heated basement - can have tons of violets!


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I looked, didn't see any close to me, darn. Norridge is in Chicago, 105 miles away. I avoid Chicago like the plague! But if they have a show, I might talk Hubby into taking me. He's a truck driver and picks up loads in Chicago at the rail yards. He can drive Chicago and doesn't frighten him. Me, I'm a farm girl and that place is darn right scary!

We did have one in southern WI that was much closer several years ago. I was never a member, just been to one of their "plant sales". I can't find them now so don't know if they still exsist. I'm only 10 miles from the WI border.

Tami Sue

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