Questions about Foliar Feeding

curtis0353February 9, 2009

For you Av growers who foliar feed your African violets, I have a couple of questions. How do you do it? What fertilizers do you use when foliar feeding? How often do you foliar feed? Are you happy with the results? What are the pros and cons of foliar feeding African violets.

Any discussion around this topic from those of you who do foliar feed your violets would be greatly appreciated.



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robitaillenancy1(zone 5)

Good Question! I use most any brand of water soluable fertilizer, measure carefully and put it in a spray bottle. ALWAYS USE HOT WATER. If you spray your hand you will see hot water becomes almost cold to your hand and to the plants. COLD WATER SPOTS LEAVES.

Don't spray just before show because water may damage flowers.

When spraying hold the spray bottle 12 inches away and let the mist fall.


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Thanks for your suggestions. Have you ever tried using fish emulsion diluted in water as a foliar spray for your African violets?


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robitaillenancy1(zone 5)


Yes I've used fish emulsion and other products in sprays but always with very hot water. Most fertilizers are good for this.

Some growers say that when a plants has fertilizer sprayed on it, it absorbs 95% of the minerals while fertilizer in a container doesnt offer as much. Other growers dispute this and say foliar feeding leaves much to be desired.

I foliar feed with fertilizer or other about once ever month or so although it is safe enough to do it for weeks.


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I tried foliar spraying all my plants with a water soluble fertilizer today. I heated the water in the microwave before I sprayed them, and the mist coming from the sprayer was warm, but not hot. I, too, had read somewhere that plants are suppose to be able to take in a higher percentage of the nutrients through foliiar feeding than if you simply water the soil mixture of the plants, and that foliar feeding can be especially beneficial if the root system of the plant is weak. I may wait until warmer weather to try the fish emulsion foliar spray mix. I will probably want to be able to open a window or two when I apply that.

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