how long to keep separate?

greylady_gardenerFebruary 13, 2008

I ended up bringing two new violets home last weekend.(now I have three!! since then I have kept them in a separate room in case they have something undesirable ):)

How long should they be kept separate? far they are looking great.


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robitaillenancy1(zone 5)

Since you have only three, I wouldn't bother too much about keeping them seperate. But you can take them out of their pots and observe the root ball. Are the roots white? If not maybe you should cut a little off and add fresh soil.

If you see a white powder in the pot or on the rootball, be very suspicious of Soil mealy bug. And since you have only a few, I would throw out a suspected plant rather than go to the trouble of buying chemicals to try to save it.

How are the centers of the plant? Are they nice healthy leaves? Any graying of the center? Any pinching up? This would be symptoms of mite and I would repeat directions as above.

Usually we separate for 3 months or more new purchases. It sometimes takes three months for symptoms to develop.


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Thanks Nancy,
I am always a bit leary about bringing something into the house that the rest of the plants can end up with, so I automatically put them in another room by themselves. I will do what you suggest. The leaves look nice and firm and healthy, but I am not sure what pinching up is or looks like. Is there anywhere that I could go to look at some of the problems that can occur? Maybe a site with pics of diseases or problems in AVs?

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