AVs' not flowering under fluorescent

maisie_2009February 5, 2009


My AVs' are not flowering. I have had them under 11 hours of fluorescent light for the last 2 months. The plants are 6" away from the light.

This lamp is a GE model, Kitchen and Bath F15T12-KB (15W).

The lamp also has H738 written on it; if this number has any value.

It seems to throw a bit of a pinkish light (not my personal preference, but I think that means it's got a bit of the red spectrum that is good for flowering, right?)

I give it Miracle-Gro 15-30-15, probably once per month. Is this enough fertilizer to get it flowering? The package says every 2 weeks, but if I do that, the plant will die from overwatering (in my past experience).


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I have mine under grow lights that I got at walmart and feed/water weekly per package directions for african violets and mine have started blooming beautifully since i added a room humidifier. I think what mine needed was the extra humidity.

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I think your 15 watt tube is not giving enough light for good blooming. Most growers will use 2 40 watt tubes in their fixture. I have mine under a two tube fixture with two 40 watt bulbs, one cool white and one warm white. Standards are 10-12 inches from tube to plant top, and semis and minis are 6-8 inches, with lights on 10-12 hours a day.

In regards to watering and feeding....make up a mix of your fertilizer at 1/2 strength and use that solution every time you water. That ensures consistency in feeding.


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I agree with what Barbara has said, just make sure your mix is light. I use a 1-1-1 mix and I wick my plants. I also wonder when you repotted your plant last. Most AV's like to be repotted every 9-12 months and 4-6 if they are minis or semis. I keep my lights on for 10 hours a day and I use 2-40W cool white tubes in my fixtures. The plants are about 12 inches away from the tubes.
Fred in NJ

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