Fantasy violets

kinder_devonshire(4b ID)February 16, 2011

Okay, I have a question. I have Storm's Eye (Sorano) that I bought from the Violet Barn last year. It has bloomed and it looks lovely, but there are no fantasy spots on it. The flowers are a lovely large lavender plum, star shaped and ruffled, just like in the description. Are fantasy spots affected by environment?

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irina_co(z5 CO)

I have this plant as well - and it is VERY stingy in showing puff fantasy. It depends on the time of the year if it decide to show a spot or 2.
My best guess - it depends on a plant. If you want a lot of puffs - you probably need to order leaves from Sorano - grow oodles of plantlets to bloom - and select the most "puffy" one. It is a very vigorous plant, grows vert fast, gives lots of babies and blooms to die for with or without fantasy. I like it as it is. As a lot of Sorano's plants - it is not the good candidate for the Show - it will not produce an accurate rosette and the leaves break easily. But it is floriferous and blooms are enormous and very beautiful, puffs or no puffs.

I have it for several years - and I restarted it more than once - but I never had lots of fantasy on progeny. That's why I suggest to go back to Sorano - and get a start from him - because he definitely keeps the best for his mother stock.

Good Luck


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kinder_devonshire(4b ID)

I do like it as it is right now, I love the lavender flowers on it. I just looked it up because it is getting so ~huge~ and I know I have only bought one large violet. It is just the picture I saw had fantasy, and mine didn't, and I just wondered. And when they say large standard, they mean it. I am looking over his violets though, and trying to figure out if I have room to squeeze a few more in the collection...

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irina_co(z5 CO)

Ddo not squeeze - get another shelf ;-))


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