Flower stem growing a new violet?

the_storm(SE Qld Aust)February 16, 2010

Hey ,

One of my violets is a purple flowered trailer that was my grandma's. Its a fairly large trailer that I inherited a few years ago.

This particular violet will sometimes get a tiny leaf or two under the flowers on the flower stem. I was watering it this morning, and I noticed that there is like a whole mini plant growing where the two small leaves are!! What I'm wondering is whether or not this is a new plant growing, and if I could transplant it. Do african violets often do this, and if I can transplant it, how long should I wait??

Thanks in advance for any help!!


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robitaillenancy1(zone 5)

Yes, this is a fairly frequent occurance with trailers, especially. Allow the plantlet to grow to a good healthy size before cutting off and planting.

This is called "basketing." I'm not sure why.


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