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luvofrosesMarch 15, 2009

Hi I am so, so very new to African Violets. I have a fundamental

very basic question. I just bought 6 no id. violets I was told that i should measure the width across the leaves and use a pot 1/3 the size. Is that correct? All my plants measure about 8 inches. So a 3 in pot would be right? I have put them in a 3 in. terracotta pot but they seem to be crowded. I removed all the potting soil they came in but maybe i am used to other plants that like more room for their roots. Please let me know if i have potted correctly. I have set them in saucers of room temp. water and watered from the bottom. I may never be anymore than a novice African violet lover but i do want to get this right.

Thank you

Ann so ut

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Hello and welcome to the message board!

General rule of thumb is pot width = 1/3 the width of the plant. Remember if you remove any of the outer leaves from the plant when you repot, that reduces the width of the plant too.

The root system of the AV "loves" to be hugged tight; that's the environment in which they thrive best.

I would caution against "sitting" any violet pot in water more than about 15-20 minutes because it will soak up pretty much what it needs in that amount of time.

I also believe that when you read up on many of the various threads of topics here that you will be more than a novice in a day or two and you'll be remembering "when" you had those 6 NOIDs and what happened next....LOL.

I have not had the best experiences with terracotta pots because they collect too much fertilizer salts and sediments but I also deal with mostly semi-minis and minis and the plastic solo cups are easiest and most convenient.

Sounds like you are off to an addictive beginning and that we are going to enjoy conversing with you and hearing about your collection growing and thriving.

We love pictures if you are able to share.

Again, welcome.

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Thanks Dora. What size solo cups do you use? I am getting ready to run to town and already was thinking that I COULD get 2 or 3 more today(lol addictions aren't bad are they?) but then finding pots is hard here.I don't like terra cotta either for inside plants but they were the only 3 in pots available. didn't know about solo cups. I glad to know they liked to have their roots "hugged" since hugged they are. I will re-pot the others The ones in saucers did not sit long so i think they will be okay. When you buy a new one can you re-use the pot it came in and just put new soil at least until you get a new pot? I am very happy to be here. We do not have a violet club here that i can find any way of locating one?

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I use 3 oz plastic solo cups. Keep in mind that I use these cups for semi minis and for minis....only starter leaves for standards will work in the solo cups. Once a standard gets going and gets some size on it, they will need something bigger than a 3 oz solo cup.

I find them at Kroger and Walmart in the paper goods section, right next to paper bathroom cups (like the ones that come in a dispenser). Near by would be plates, plastic utensils, etc.

Here's what the entire package looks like:

Here's what one looks like with a plant in it, sitting atop of a baby food jar as the wicking resavoir: (notice that black spot half way up the cup, that's the outside hole I'm referring to for ventilation)

When I get a new bag, I open them up and "prep" them by burning a few holes in teh bottom of the cup with my saudering iron and then I burn two holes on the outside middle way up opposite each other. I set aside an hour or so and burn the entire bag at one sitting and then stack them all back together in the bag. When I need a new cup for planting, they are ready to go. I ususally do this with my violet buddies when we partner together for a morning to play in the dirt.

Let me know if you have any questions,

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