Round Robin

SonorityMarch 26, 2012

It won't let me post in exchanges either. Is it too late to join the list? :)

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suecirish(6 SE MA)

I'll leave a message over on Exchanges for Deb to contact you.

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It still won't let me post in exchanges, how irritating! I think my e-mail went to Deb's spam folder, since I sent one last week. I'll try sending another one so I don't miss out on the next Round Robin. :(

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I'm so sorry you missed out on the round robin! AOL's famous for everything going in the spam section. I looked through the spam section briefly- and it's empty. My Husband goes through it occasionally, so I'm sure he deleted it by mistake. We get a ton of junk mail!

When the next round robin starts up, email me directly.


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