My violet is having problems with brown soggy leaves

celestialtigerMarch 14, 2009

Hi, I'm new to the discussion and my little violet seems to be in serious trouble. Many of it's bottom leaves are turning brown and soggy. It starts at the edges of the leaves and moves back towards the main body of the plant from there. It's still blooming like crazy and the core of the plant is healthy and still putting out leaves in huge amounts. I don't think I've watered it too much. I'm very careful and I know what that looks like. I thought that underfeeding might be an issue so I've fed it with plant food especially made for AV's. It perked up a bit but new brown sections started up. It was getting plenty of light on my desk at work and for the longest time it was fine. Then this started so I brought it home and placed it in the kitchen window where it gets the afternoon sun. This doesn't seem to be helping. I've tried everything I can think of and nothing seems to help for long. I've looked at all sorts of sites about African Violet diseases and this doesn't seem to match anything listed and I've searched the forum too. Please help! I'm very fond of this little plant and would hate to have it die.

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It sounds like too much water to me. What type of soil is it potted in? Is there any perlite in the mix? The soil may be too heavy. I mix african violet potting soil with perlite and vermiculte -equal amt. of each. It is a lighter soil and has good drainage. Kind of hard to over water.

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I have no idea what it was potted in originally. It was a gift, but I used African Violet mix from Miracle Grow when I moved it to a larger pot. It really took off then. I think itÂs tripled in size in the year since I changed the pot. It might be too much water. We do have a phantom plant waterer at my work. IÂve even had to put a note on the pot asking whomever it is to stop watering it. I'll keep it at home and minimize the water for a little bit to see if that helps. Thanks for the help!

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Straight av mix is a good marketing concept but not the best mix for our plants.

Take that mix and then ADD one part perlite and one part vermiculite to that mix....then you have a good medium for plants to grow.

Sounds like the beginning of root rot to me.

I'd pull all those soggy leaves off, repot and pay close attention to more that go south.

Good Luck,

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After you make a mix of your av potting mix, perlite and vermiculite, 1-1-1 ratio, you may want to take a good leaf or two and root them in 3 oz solo cups. This is just in case your plant has root rot. At least you will have the leaf babies to continue. Hope it recovers, though.

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