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luvofrosesMarch 4, 2010

I haven't posted in a long time and I am very happy to report that with all of your wonderful help all my noids are now blooming their little selves silly. They are non-stop. I am very happy with this since I was so worried a year ago that no one would ever bloom, but my question is this. All of my violets are wicked as instructed by many on here. When I went to water tonite I took the tops off of the containers to wash them and noticed that some had roots growing down the wicks. They do need repotting but since they are all blooming I hate to do this til they stop. If they ever do stop.Is this a serious problem? I also was wondering how you go about keeping them in pots no larger than 4 in. I grow all my by the windows and none are under lights so space is something I need to think about. Thanks so much for any and all help

Ann in So Ut

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irina_co(z5 CO)

Ann - space is precious for all of us - you can only add so many shelving units before the family starts objecting.

You are in a spring flush of flowers - so I would enjoy them as much as I could. There is absolutely no problem from having these roots. They are special water roots that can live in your fertilizer solution and suck it.
Somewhere between 6 months and a year you need to repot and rejuvenate your plant - cut part of the rootball, remove lower leaves and plant it back into a fresh 4" pot. You do not want to keep them overdue too long, they start deteriorating, the neck gets too long etc. But you can do it at your own schedule and one pot at a time if you need to.

4" is plenty for standards especially on a windowsill - but watch the ones that are labeled "Large" - these guys will insist on a larger pot. I had Designer Dress hitting 23" diameter on a windowsill - and it was I think in 5" pot.


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Thanks Irina, all mine are due for potting this month (its been a year that most of them were bought and potted.)Most of them took a good 6 to 8 months to start bloomin and now are at it non stop but some do show signs of slowing down so I will do them as they stop blooming. I was just worried about the roots.I really am enjoying the wonderful surprise of color since most of mine were non blooming noids when bought and I no idea the color. Lots of purples but in different shades,growth patterns, and shapes. Thanks again I can't belive that a year ago I had no violets and now........
Ann in So Ut

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irina_co(z5 CO)

Ann -

looks like you are moving toward shelving units - 6 months to start blooming is way too much. Under the lights - it is more like 2. With lights - there is no difference between winter and summer - they are always in bloom.

Good Luck


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Hi Ann,
NOw that you are hooked I think that you should check out a few vendors that sell more interesting violets. Either buy from them or find a show in your area and see what they have to offer at their sale tables. Usually you can buy leaves very reasonably and sometimes clubs will sell member grown starter plants as well as plantlets from various commercial growers. I would also remcommend that you investigate growing under lights. As Irina said, it will hasten the production of bloom and make your plants grow better.
Fred in NJ

Here is a link that might be useful: AVSA

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I'm so happy to hear that your plants are doing well :)
That's a great feeling, isn't it??

I understand that not everyone wants to do 'shelving with lights' but I found it so liberating where my violets were concerned. I could focus on enjoying them and learning how to have more fun with them instead of trying to figure out what the sun was going to do coming thru my window....LOL

Now, I control the lighting, the soil, the fertilizer, etc.....the only thing I don't control is the total amount of fun and pure joy these plants bring me and those that I share them with.


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davemichigan(zone 6a (SE Michigan))

"All of my violets are wicked...."

Hmmm.... I don't know what to say. What did they do? I think all of mine are fairly nice and sweet.


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Thanks for the giggles.....


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