question on preparing plants for shipping

fortyseven_gwMarch 18, 2014

Hi All
When preparing small plants for shipping that are in 2 oz
solo style cups and potting mix, would it be ok to place
aluminum foil over the top of the potting medium and wrap around the sides of the pot to keep the mix
in place? Rather than trying to use saran wrap? The aluminum foil would be easier to manipulate around small plants in tiny cups. Or maybe something like shredded paper or Easter basket grass with the foil on top. Seems like it would be easier to remove rather than saran wrap and scotch tape.

In the past, when I have packaged for travel, the pots were
larger, 2", so it was easier to wrap the potting mix in saran, wrap and then tape it down, but that was still tricky.

After the potting mix is wrapped, I will fashion a cardboard tube around the cup to protect the plant.
I think I may have received some plants in the mail in small cups that had just masking tape over the potting mix, then taped to the sides of the pot, but that was rather messy to remove.

I want to mail them in the cups in the mix they are growing to give them the best chance to survive.

Thoughts? Opinions?


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That should work okay. The paper or Easter grass works well as does cotton to keep the soil intact.


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if you cut some soft tissue paper in very thin shreds and put that on top of soil and then tape some postal tape over the top and sides - that will hold very well, better then scotch tape. and also it does not have to be taped so well, the paper shreds will hold the soil down, breathe well and when you remove tape, soil will not splash everywhere.
you could also stuff some paper shreds in the end of the paper tube - it'll be still breathable but prevent shifting.
you could also wrap newspaper around each paper tube sort of loosely - to provide some bulk for the box to prevent shifting. i learned this from a pro-shipping orchid site in hawaii.
it worked very well on the plants i had to transport in a suitcase.

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Thank you, wonderful advice! Am so glad I asked!

Some of the ideas I will also try for a local trip by car. My club's meeting is this Saturday.

Looking forward to seeing what they have planned. I think the plan is to grow plugs out for a sale in September. They said I can sell plants. I usually donate or trade. J

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When preparing rooted leaves I could insert the rooted end into a tiny cup filled with perlite and vermiculite and seal with alumin foil and inset in paper tube. Joanne

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By tubes, are you talking about toilet paper and paper towel, etc. tubes?

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Yes, or the thin corrugated cardboard holders for hot beverages served in paper cups. Or anything similar, cut to size and shape. I've read through the advice given here and other places. I've decided to ship rooted leaves and suckers that haven't been planted the "bare root" method in a baggie. That was advised. For those that are already in soil mix, I will ship as is. If they are already potted, it saves the recipient an extra step. I'll wait to hear back from the recipient of the first batch before mailing out the second batch to the next person. Thanks, Joanne

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